Overview Of Gold Silver Alloy Wire Drawing Machine Equipment

Alloy gold wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing copper wire. Its main electric drive is composed of traction motor, winding motor and laying motor. The other auxiliary parts of the equipment are swing rod (tension frame) , positioning wheel, indexing wheel, composite rod composition

Alloy wire drawing machine is mainly used for drawing copper wire. Its main electric drive is composed of traction motor, winding motor and laying motor. The other auxiliary parts of the equipment are swing rod (tension frame) , positioning wheel, indexing wheel, composite rod composition. The drawing wheel is driven by traction motor, the four-stage drawing wheel is connected by belt to realize metal drawing, and the winding motor realizes winding. Equipment outline and functional requirements are as follows: 1.1 basic equipment parameters: product name: high-speed wire stretcher draft motor (KW) : 11/4p winding motor (KW) : 4/4p wire inlet diameter (mm) : φ0.6-1.20 wire outlet diameter (cm) : φ0.08-0.32 larger mechanical speed (m/s) : 2500(Max) Tension Frame Resistance: 5K Ω1.2 technical specifications and Requirements: equipment start to speed up the synchronous requirements; It is necessary to keep the tension constant when the equipment is running, to synchronize when it is stopped, without break-line or tension relaxation, to protect the broken-line for the safe production of the equipment, to point-and-thread function, to start the operation of the external button, to show the running speed, to ensure the safety of the equipment The diameter ratio of the empty plate and the full plate of the winding wheel is about 1:3, the weight of the plate is about 50kg, and the higher working frequency is about 70HZ.

Alloy wire drawing machine system composition: according to the equipment situation, the electrical transmission equipment INV1 selects the following model and the component: drawing frequency converter S011Z3 INV2: winding frequency converter S004G3 brake resistance: drawing motor uses S011Z3 frequency converter, the winding motor adopts S004G three-type winding special frequency converter (with external moving resistor) . The running instruction and the output frequency signal of the alloy wire drawing machine INV1 are used as the running command and frequency instruction of the slave machine INV2 to realize synchronous running. In the case of heavy flat brakes braking in the opposite direction to prevent disconnection from a function inconsistent with worldwide inertial dynamic operation, during threading operation, the output voltage signal of the swing rod is used as the feedback signal of the PID correction control of the internal variable, realize constant wire speed winding to meet the process requirements.

The alloy wire drawing machine is composed of a winding head, a wire arranging device, a wire dividing device, a barrel changing device, an oil mist lubricating device, a pneumatic device, a spray device and a head braking device. The connecting part between the head main shaft and the head main body is positioned through the conical engagement to maintain the rotation accuracy of the head. The head structure is centrifugal block type, which comprises a head body, a block body, a block key, a pressure spring, a head front cover and a head back cover. The entire nose is made of aluminum and stainless steel. When the machine head rotates at high speed, it is supported by an expansion block under the action of centrifugal force, and the fibers are wound on the surface of the winding cylinder. When the winding ends and the head stops rotating, the centrifugal force disappears, the expansion block falls freely, and the cylinder can be unloaded. 2. The movement of the row shaft of the spiral steel wire in the row device can be divided into rotary motion and reciprocating motion: the rotary motion is realized by the row motor through the synchronous belt drive, the reciprocating motion is realized by the servo motor through the synchronous belt, the rolling lead screw assembly and the linear bearing transmission. The reciprocating motion stroke is between 50-200mm, and the reciprocating motion stroke can be adjusted by changing the position of two limit sensors. 3. The setting-out device of roving drafting machine-the setting-out of untwisted roving drafting machine makes the setting-out device move towards the head direction at the beginning of winding, the setting-off device moves gradually to the right (also known as the lateral movement) . The distance between the wire and the cake surface is kept constant to ensure that the tension of the inside and outside layers of the cake is the same.

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