‘Overcome And Live Beyond’ – The Ultimate Guide To A Confident Life

“You’ve got all it takes to be a super success, and that’s who you are.” – Dominion Victory

More than half of the current population of the world is suffering from mental disorders like depression, anxiety, stress, fear, and so on and in most cases, nobody seems to be aware of its existence, neither the family and friends and sometimes not even the sufferer. To eliminate this stream of depressive thoughts, anxiety and all, Dominion Victory has published a bestselling Self-help book, ‘Overcome and Live Beyond’.

In Overcome and Live Beyond, Victory guides a person through the obstacles and negativity ingrained in his life’s path and helps him land up in a world full of positive vibes, goodness, and peace. Through this self-help masterpiece, one can find the kind of strength in one’s soul which they never thought they possessed in real. With the help of this guideline for a successful and happy life, one can shake off all the negative thoughts, negative perspectives, and people’s opinions about them and not let these affect their life anymore because it is an individual who can set the rules on how he should live his own life. This book also helps in Locking in the suicidal thoughts one has used smash it down hard to get rid of it.

The ideas presented in the book come straight from personal struggles and obstacles Dominion Victory faced in his own life and succeeded in overcoming it. Dominion Victory is a legend who excels in music, song-writing, and has recorded a multi-language song. His most famous ‘One’ is inclusive of 12 foreign languages. This song is a true gem and thus has received accolades which it surely deserves. Victory guides his readers by giving them practical ways which he had incorporated in his personal life.

About Dominion Victory:

Dominion Victory is a man of many duties which includes his Royalties to Charities Initiative, Pastor and church growth expert, and also an inspirational and motivational speaker.

Overcome and Live Beyond is the ultimate guide to a happy and prosperous life. To get a copy now, do pay a visit to Dominion Victory’s official website.

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