Opinions on the Development of the Energy Electronics Industry

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has publicly solicited the “Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Energy Electronics Industry (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)”. By 2025, the annual output value of the energy electronics industry reached 3 trillion yuan, and comprehensive strength entered the world’s advanced ranks.

About energy electronic technology products:

(1) Optical devices. Based on energy electronics, we should focus on the development of high-speed light communication chips, high-speed and high-precision light detectors, high-speed modulator chips, high-power laser, optical transmitter digital signal processor chips, high-speed drives and etc.

(2) Power semiconductor device. Facing photovoltaic, wind power, energy storage system, semiconductor lighting, it helped develop new energy resistance to high temperature, high voltage resistance, low loss, high reliability IGBT devices and modules, SIC, GAN and other advanced wide range of semiconductor materials and advanced topology and packaging technology , New Electronics Electronic Device and Key Technology.

(3) Sensitive components and sensing devices. Develop sensitive components of miniaturized, low power consumption, integration, and high sensitivity, and integrate sensors with multi-dimensional information collection capabilities, new MEMS sensors and intelligent sensors, breaking through miniaturized, intelligent devices and image sensing devices.

(4) Lighting diode. Promote the development of high-quality, LED chips and devices, and accelerate the improvement of chips, silver glue, epoxy resin and other performance. For non-visual applications such as machine vision, plant growth, ultraviolet disinfecting, etc. It breaks through LED production processes, high-light yellow light LED chips, new high-efficiency non-visible optical materials and other technologies to support new lighting applications.

(5) Advanced computing and system. Accelerate the application of technologies such as cloud computing, quantum computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Support the study of multi-domain electronic electrical architecture, break through intelligent design and simulation and its tools, manufacturing IoT and services, energy big data processing and other industrial software core technologies, and establish a sound energy electronic production operation and maintenance information system.

(6) Data monitoring and operation analysis system. Promote the construction of the energy electronics industry data platform, carry out operation data automation collection such as platform basic capabilities, operational services, and industrial support, research and development platform operation monitoring and industry operation analysis models, and enhance data gathering, analysis, and application capabilities.

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