Oomo 3D Surround Sound Ear Buds, Acclaimed By Top Hollywood Sound Specialists, Starts Indiegogo Campaign

Fundraising campaign launched on Indiegogo by founders of Oomo 3D immersive surround sound ear buds.

Aaryan Ramzan, founder of Oomo, the hi-tech Surround Sound Ear Buds has announced that his team has started a campaign on Indiegogo to raise funds for production of this revolutionary product. Oomo has been endorsed by Hollywood’s big names in the field of sound engineering and other award-winning sound specialists as well.

“We are delighted to announce that we have taken a step further ahead towards production of the revolutionary ear buds, Oomo,” says Aaryan Ramzan. “We are having a flexible goal of $30,000, a good part of which will go into costs associated with production and marketing of the product. We are very hopeful of hitting the target as our product has received rave reviews from some of the top names associated with sound and music.”

Oomo not only looks great but performs superbly as well.  The elegant-looking ear buds are designed using the best quality materials. They are easy to position in the ears and extremely comfortable to use as well. Oomo 3D immersive surround sound ear buds create the feel of being a participant in the music process and not merely a listener or observer. Users can quickly relate with the superior quality of the brand because of the amazing sound quality it delivers. Many experts have observed that when they use Oomo, there is a distinct difference in the quality of sound as there is more depth and air.

Oomo is clearly a game-changer in the ear buds niche and has been already endorsed by some the leading audio engineers of Hollywood. These unique ear buds were developed in consultation with James Lee, the renowned acoustic expert. The advanced technology and unique design of the ear buds makes it possible for users to listen to perfectly balanced sounds from all different directions, thus removing the need for amplifiers and equalizers.

Oomo 3D Immersive Surround Sound ear buds are compact in size and designed for easy portability. Users are guaranteed a real movie theater experience when they use these powerful 3D surround sound earphones anywhere. The unique ear buds come with a 3.93-foot cord (120 cm), aluminum earphone housing, and a single button mic. Memory foam ear pads are also provided in the package and in three sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.

Oomo is the ideal product for movie enthusiasts, gamers and sound recording professionals. Movie buffs can enjoy streaming movies accompanied by true surround sound feel just like the ones they can experience in theaters. Gamers can sharpen their skills by knowing the direction of each sound distinctly while recording artists will be able to hear each and every note with amazing clarity which can help create wonderful music.

The Indiegogo campaign is running in full swing now. Founder Aaryan Ramzan and his team are confident that they will hit the financial goal of raising $30,000 within the stipulated period. Part of the proceeds from all sales after the launch will go toward assisting the hearing impaired.

About Oomo:

Oomo is the brainchild of Aaryan Ramzan, the entrepreneur with a penchant for acoustics and related fields. Oomo is a path-breaking 3D Immersive Surround Sound ear buds that has been highly acclaimed by the who’s who of the Hollywood music industry. The Indiegogo campaign is aimed at raising funds for mass production and other related tasks.

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