ONPASSIVE is Launching High-Tech, Cutting-Edge AI Based Digital Products

USA – September 28, 2022 – ONPASSIVE is an IT company with the products based on Artificial Intelligence AI which is providing a platform to become an owner of the company, earn your passive income as an employee or by just investment with ONPASSIVE. Internet businesses are created for you by ONPASSIVE, a corporation that is entirely automated. You can become owner of your own internet-based business franchise. You will be able to make passive money either you are Woking or not because ONPASSIVE will automatically generate consumers for you by creating and selling the online business Artificial Intelligence AI Tools and items for you. Everybody, from individuals to business owners, small, medium, and large enterprises, high schools, universities, governments, and even the military, are using these Ai tools to meet the necessities of this modern era all the working sectors are appreciating and acknowledging ONASSIVE Al products.

What Mr. Ash Mufareh says about ONPASSIVE –

“ONPASSIVE is a disrupter in every true sense of the word.” What we have accomplished, and are completing, is historical. We are not messing around. We are creating history; we are creating value that will make you successful beyond your imagination like never before! ” 

Learn how to earn a passive income with ONPASSIVE:


The vision of ONPASSIVE is to make every business automated by using best AI business tools. In this regard ONPASSIVE is continuously advancing its AI business tools according to the business needs of this competitive time and has a wide range of AI business tools and solutions for its clients. These products and solutions are intended to help global enterprises undergo a digital transformation.

ONPASSIVE AI business tools and products are:

  • O-Bless 

  • O-Mail 

  • O-Cademy 

  • O-Connect 

  • O-Tracker 

  • O-Net 

  • O-Desk 

  • O-Domain 

  • O-Create

  • O-Dit 

  • O-Shop 

  • O-Counting 

  • O-Wallet

  • O-Staff etc

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You should not become more worried about your business, ONPASSIVE is here to increase your business and revenue

ONPASSIVE uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bring targeted traffic to your website. The ONPASSIVE website is created for you through automated and guaranteed advertising and marketing using advanced AI tools that meets all the modern world’s requirements. ONPASSIVE provides your audience and traffic coming from automated system, all the information about your company, keeps track of them, responds to their inquiries, and closes all the sales cycle and earn on behave of you. Since the company will continue to bring in consumers for you after the sale is complete, you will eventually receive immediate payment there is a limitless chance of earning revenue because of the automated selling traffic generating and selling system. A successful company will include employees from diverse backgrounds. a business that rewards you in several ways and enables you to expand your network internationally. The world’s top passive income generation opportunity is provided by ONPASSIVE. 

“If someone offers you an incredible opportunity, but you are not sure if you can do it, say yes, and then learn how to do it.” 

The turnkey business is one of the largest industries in the world. online sale. This year’s online sales are expected to reach US $ 4.9 trillion, with a market value of 4.6 billion Internet users. Our company is ready to provide every Internet user with the products and services they desperately need and want. 

Why ONPASSIVE is the best business for you? 

  • Everyone makes money, whether they work or not.

  • Real company and real in demand Products

  • Guaranteed Traffic, Marketing, Sale for your Business  

  • Unlimited Income Potential

  • Completely automated using the latest Artificial Intelligence Technology.

  • Long-Term, Stable, Residual, Recurring Income

  • Legally compliant and operates in every country

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