Onesta Company introduces new non-steroidal, organic ingredient-based Hemorrhoid treatment alternative Sitz Bath OINTMENT

Doctors Warn Against Prolonged Use of Steroid-based Hemorrhoid Ointments

75% of Americans suffer from Hemorrhoids. Most successfully treat their discomfort without surgical intervention, according to a 2015 report published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology.

While more serious hemorrhoid conditions may require surgery to resolve, most symptoms – minor bleeding, pain, discomfort during a bowel movement – are treated at home with over-the-counter remedies. Shallow sitz baths, hemorrhoid ointments, and witch hazel pads are the most common home-based ways both men and women use to relieve their discomfort.

Most over-the-counter hemorrhoid creams contain synthetic ingredients and anesthetics designed to temporarily numb pain in the anal area, or topical steroids like hydrocortisone to help decrease vein swelling in the area. However, the package instructions on those products caution the user to not use their products for more than a week.

Prolonged topical steroid use can cause a backlash of symptoms, increased irritation, hyperpigmentation, and allergic reactions in some cases, according to the Indian Dermatology Online Journal’s 2014 report “Side Effects of Topical Steroids: A Long-Overdue Revisit.”

Sitz Bath OINTMENT, introduced today by Onesta Company under the Sitz Bath Essentials brand, is designed to give consumers an organic ingredient-based solution to more conventional OTC hemorrhoid products. The ingredients include collinsonia root, goldenseal root, and thuja essential oil in a base of almond oil and beeswax.

Also known as Canada horsebalm, horseweed, and stone root, Collinsonia root is historically used for decreasing swelling in injuries, supporting healthy circulation, and reducing rectum irritation. Along with the antibacterial properties of goldenseal and astringent properties of thuja essential oil, Sitz Bath OINTMENT presents hemorrhoid suffers with an organic non-irritating ointment alternative to support their healing regimen.

The Sitz Bath SOAK and Sitz Bath OINTMENT are currently on sale at Amazon.

About Sitz Bath Essentials

Sitz Bath Essentials is a therapeutic brand owned by the popular family-owned Onesta Company, who specializes in making safe products for the entire family. All products are made in the USA. Ingredients are sourced from America from natural and organic sources. All products are backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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