TriCoast Entertainment announces U.S. theatrical date for ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’, beginning on April 20th in New York with several major U.S. cities on deck.

Los Angeles, CA – April 3, 2018 – A story is about forgiving the past and moving into the future.” – Marco Mall, producer of ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’

TriCoast Entertainment and Florida Film House presents Blademil Grullon’s (‘Love and Reality’, ‘Fade Away’) ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ – a provocative, urban street crime tale showcasing the raw, gritty Miami streets and its longtime cultural conflict between Haitians and Dominicans, set to begin a limited U.S. theatrical beginning in New York on April 20th with several U.S. major cities on deck.

Loosely inspired and provocative “Romeo & Juliet” tale, ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ follows two Miami teens – the artistic, yet violent, Dominican, ‘Sandy’ (Miguel “Fuego” Duran) – and smart, Haitian good-girl ‘Flo’ (Lexi Delarosa), who are separated and forced to balance their ethnic loyalties against their personal, romantic aspirations.

The tough, urban street tale of ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ begins with Patrick (Paul Antoine), Miami’s Haitian top dog, who fists battle Dominican Felipe (Mitch Lemos), for full authority of the Miami street drug markets. But, when the boys realize Patrick’s younger sister is Flo, and Felipe’s nephew is Sandy, the high-intensity cultural feud only intensifies. 

The streets of Miami have become a battlefield between their families, their cultural differences of Haitian and Dominican are working against them – Will Sandy and Flo finally find love? Or will it result in an intense climax similar to “Romeo and Juliet”?

As the first-ever film to be released as a national theatrical with the collaboration of Haitians and Dominicans, ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ takes place on the urban, art streets of Miami, whose inhabitants are heavily influenced from the Caribbean Sea’s powerful cultural divide between the Haitians and Dominicans.

In Anne Allmeling’s DW article, “Haiti and the Dominican Republic: One island, two worlds”, he points out that the Dominican Republic and Haiti share an island but “remain worlds apart”. The longtime cultural conflict is built upon the region’s land and its history, once called Hispaniola, which was under Spanish rule until 1697 until the region was given to the island of France. Then called “Saint-Domingue”, the region became France’s wealthiest colony by the thousands of African slaves who helped produce coco, sugar, cotton and coffee. Saint-Domingue experienced a slave rebellion in 1791, shortly before slavery was abolished. Following a brutal and bloody war for liberation, the region gained independence in 1804 with the region re-named as what we know of today, Haiti.

Allmeling argues that “the problem was compounded by Haiti’s ethnically diverse population”, citing Oliver Gliech, an expert on Haiti at the Latin America Institute at the Free University in Berlin, essentially stating that the fewer ethnic differences allow for more stability both economically and politically. Gliech stated, “The slaves came from over a hundred different ethnic groups and originally had nothing to do with each other,” adding, “For centuries, they’ve experienced how power was brutally practiced and legitimized. It’s little wonder that the bloody wars in the 19th century were followed by rebellions, political upheaval and coups, as well as frequently changing self-proclaimed monarchs and dictators. That pattern has continued in the country till today.”

‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ provides and instills hope that longtime cultural conflicts can be conquered. Produced by Marco Mall who grew up in the midst of Miami’s ongoing feud between the Haitian and Dominican cultures, ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ is gritty, raw, and truthful, brings to light Miami’s urban street culture and proves that even in Miami – the midst of the cultural conflict – can find peace even after a longtime struggle. 

The film spreads the message of peace between Haitian and Dominican cultures with the score by Haitian Actor / Composer / Soundtrack artist, Wyclef Jean. Noted as an extremely talented artist, Jean has received several Grammy Awards, and has reached eight nominations, including those received at the Golden Globes Awards. Jean is world-known for soundtracks on ‘Hotel Rwanda’ (2004), ‘The Manchurian Candidate’ (2004), and James Bond film, ‘Quantum of Solace’ (2008).

Additionally, ‘A MIAMI OVE STORY’ supports and promotes the harmony of such conflicting cultures with its soundtrack, including Cuban and Miami-born soundtrack global sensation, Armando “Pitbull” Perez, whose music is often described as a blend between Miami’s street-beats mixed with Latin hip-hop. Known as “Mr. Worldwide”, Pitbull is known for his dedication to connect the hip-hop and the Latin worlds together and to encourage cultural crossovers, as he’s remained loyal and proud of his Miami roots and real-life experiences facing the Haitian and Dominican culture clash on Miami’s streets. 

Alongside, is Miguel A. Duran, Jr., a.k.a. “Fuego” as the lead of Sandy, who is Dominican Republican rapper signed to Pitbull’s record label, Mr. 305 Inc. Similar to Pitbull, Fuego has continued to bridge between American hip-hop and Latino music, especially since his move to downtown Miami. “[Fuego’s] Spanish rhymes and catchy records have gained popularity in Latin America and in Europe,” wrote Miami News Times for headline: “Fuego Is Set to Raise the Bar for Latin Hip-Hop.”

Though the “pattern has continued in the country till today”, ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ gives hope and inspiration that one day, Haiti and Dominican Republican cultures can live in civilized harmony. Mall describes the provocative tale of ‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ as a “story is about forgiving the past and moving into the future. Even though you see a little bit of violence — that’s reality — at the end of the day we make sure that we have a positive message,” wrote Dimattei.

‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ will be available on VOD platforms beginning April 16th and will follow with a limited U.S. theatrical beginning in New York on April 20th with several U.S. major cities on deck. For press inquiries, please contact

‘A MIAMI LOVE STORY’ captures Miami’s urban and art culture exquisitely with cast members, Miguel “Fuego” Duran (Soundtrack of ‘Puerto Ricans in Paris’, written/ performed ‘Mami Mami’), Lexi Delarosa (‘Love and Reality’, ‘Zoe911’, ‘Mattie: The Discovery’), Paul Antoine (‘Love and Reality’), and Mitch Lemos (director of ‘A Haunting Expense’, ‘Fearless Heart’, ‘Fade Away’). Producer Marco Mall is the founder of the Urban Film Festival in Miami and runner of full-service production company based in the Wynwood section of Miami, Florida Film House and is credited for ‘Zoe911’, ‘Kevin Gates Short Film’, ‘Swingers Anonymous’.

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A MIAMI LOVE STORY (2017, 80 min.) Written and Directed by Blademil Grullon. Editors: Tony Ciccone, Blademil Grullon, Jokes Yanes. Cinematographer: Luis Valverde. Original Music: Wyclef Jean and Alberto Vaccarino. US, English. Florida Film House, TriCoast Entertainment.


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