Oklahoma City Gets New Dr. Owned Medical Spa

Oklahoma City Gets New Dr. Owned Medical Spa

Oklahoma City – Belle ├éme Med Spa and CoolSculpting Center team.
Oklahoma City has a new full-spectrum medical spa on 89th street called Belle Ame Med Spa and CoolSculpting Center. The owner, Dr. Stevens, will oversee and leading edge medical-grade aesthetic procedures such as body contouring and sculpting anti-aging treatments and skin rejuvenation. To celebrate their grand opening, Belle Ame Med Spa and CoolSculpting Center is offering 20% off CoolSculpting sessions.

Oklahoma City – Oklahoma City recently celebrated the newest addition to its growing selection of local medical aesthetics offerings when Belle Âme Medical Spa officially opened its doors to the public. The medical spa is located on 89th St at the Santa Fe Ave intersection in the same building where founder, Dr. Stevens also has a spinal neurosurgery practice. 

“We wanted to create a spa that offered transformative and comprehensive non-surgical treatment options so that people could realize their desires for optimal health and looks. So that’s what I’ve done. Belle Âme is one of a handful of spas that offer dual sculpting, both CoolSculpting and Emsculpt modalities, to help with body contouring. We’ve opened a full-spectrum medical spa in South OKC that offers custom treatments tailored to each individual,” said Dr. Stevens.

CoolSculpting is an FDA approved process that uses Cryolipolysis, also known as “fat freezing” to kill fat cells and has quickly become one of the most popular medical aesthetic treatments in Oklahoma. Emsculpt by contrast focuses on the firming the muscles in localized areas and uses precise electro-magnetic pulses to fully recruit muscle fibers into powerful contractions, quickly building new muscle tissue and improving it’s tone. These two treatments combined provide a completely non-invasive and highly effective means of body-contouring. Belle Âme Med Spa and CoolSculpting Center is the first doctor owned clinic of its kind to promote these treatments in tandem for body transformation. 

More and more OKC locals are turning to professional, medical-grade treatments to transform their looks. This reflects the same national and global trend. According to a report published by Allied Market Reasearch, the medical spa, or “med spa” business is growing 12.2% annually. No longer the exclusive rhealm of Hollywood elites, medical spa technology has brought anti-aging, beautifying, and fat reduction treatments with results that rival those that just 15 years ago would have required the services of a plastic surgeon. CoolSculpting and Emsculpt are good examples of this. 

But the surge in medical spa growth have some concerned about the safety and quality of treatment. “We’ve noticed that many medical spas simply involve a doctor for legal reasons in name only with who is usually pretty hands-off,” stated a marketing rep for the new medical spa. “They often just stick to high level involvement in the business and are lax in personally ensuring patients are getting the best administration of treatments. What’s so unique about Belle Âme is that it is not just doctor owned, but that the directing physician is highly involved in overseeing and in some cases, even performing treatments so you know you’re in good, professional hands.”

To celebrate it’s grand opening, Belle Âme medical spa is offering 20% off of an initial CoolSculpting session to all new patients after an initial free consultation.

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