OKI Scoop and Donuts: The Best Donuts in The Carolinas

Ever tasted a donut that gave you goosebumps at first bite? Or ever eaten one that you wished never finished? Welcome to OKI Scoop and Donuts – the world of the tastiest donuts in the Carolinas. If you have ever had one of the several donut and ice cream variants from this place, you would know what the term “A taste of heaven” means. Sit back and read through what makes OKI Scoop and Donuts unique within the pastry market in North Carolina.

With us, your tongue doesn’t taste boring. You have a wide spectrum of choices to pick from. Several donuts in different tastes, colors, and preferences are all yours to choose from. We have an original glazed donut, the phenomenal lemonade donut, the inviting chocolate glaze as well as chocolate s’mores which is marshmallow. Not only that, but we also have the bestseller graham crackers. 

Trust me. Your hot afternoon is incomplete without an OKI donut accompanied by an OKI ice cream. And you get to make your pick just as you feel. If our donut chart is a mood board, then you’ve won a lottery. So many sweet options to pick from! We truly pride ourselves in giving you over 18 donut experiences to thrill in, from the Lighthouse to the Sandy Escape, to the OKI Bliss and OKI Dusting, to Triple Threat, and to Bacon Me Crazy. 

And you know what the most beautiful thing about OKIs is? The donuts are custom-made to order. A good example is the lovely lemonade donut. Also, we recently rolled out a special called a Donut Sundae. It is a hot, cooked-to-order donut with cold ice cream on top. A bite from this is such a perfect way to ease the day’s stress. 


So, are you around Oak Island in North Carolina, then you have just hit the jackpot by reading this piece. Say hello to OKI Scoop and Donut today, and get a taste of our magic. 

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