Oceas Outdoors launches “The World\’s Most Compact Blanket”

Provider of innovative outdoor products, Oceas Outdoors, announces the launch of its new product – the Oceas Waterproof Pocket Blanket on Amazon

The Oceas Pocket Blanket is a unique product from the leading manufacturer of innovative outdoor products, Oceas Outdoors, a company that is renowned for its creativity and uniqueness in making premium quality products designed to make outdoor adventures more practical. The recently launched portable waterproof pocket blanket, which has been described as “the world’s most compact blanket,” is a further reiteration of the company’s commitment to making the outdoors a more convenient and practical experience for all.

Outdoor adventures are meant to be fun and exciting, while also providing the freedom to be wherever, whenever. Unfortunately, adventurers do not particularly enjoy this freedom as the necessary tools and gears to experience this freedom are not readily available. This is where Oceas Outdoors is looking to make a difference with its range of innovative products such as the portable pocket blanket.

The compact blanket is particularly designed for different outdoor activities including camping, outdoor, beach, and festivals. The 100% waterproof pocket blanket is made using premium quality materials including a 100% waterproof polyurethane coating, consequently ensuring incredible durability, portability, and movability, due to its lightweight.


Measuring 60” by 55”, one of the unique features of the blanket is that it is foldable and can easily fit into the attached carry pouch, making it the most portable, compact, and convenient outdoor product on the market.

The size of the blanket also offers comfort, fitting as many as 3 adults as well as suitability for any outdoor environment. Other features of the blanket include corner sand pockets for keeping the blanket weighed down at the beach and built-in ground stakes, ensuring that gusty weather won’t affect your outdoor experience.

The product is currently available on Amazon backed by the company’s 30-day Money-Back Guarantee with a free 1-year replacement for unsatisfied customers.

More information about Oceas Outdoor, the pocket blanket, and other innovative products from the company can be found on their website: https://oceasoutdoors.com

About Oceas Outdoors

Oceas Outdoors is a manufacturer of innovative outdoor products. The company believes in intuitive design, meticulous craftsmanship, and a love for the outdoors, which has helped in the creation of products that maximize experiences and minimize struggles.

Founded by two avid-outdoorsmen, Oceas develops its products by finding solutions to struggles that they have continuously endured through their experiences, creating products for outdoor adventurists, by outdoors adventurists.

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