Now Streaming Only on Spotify: Duke Of Ale Set To Disrupt The Entertainment Industry With A Genre Defying Music Style

King Khan’s Al Mahal Records introduces the revolutionary Duke of Ale, a new single that will thrill entertainment enthusiasts worldwide

It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the entertainment industry with the release of Breakdance Jams: Duke of Ale. The new single is a further reiteration of the creativity, ingenuity, and authenticity that have stood the Al Mahal Records team out since their start in the heights of a global pandemic. The new release has been described as genre-defying, with influence from Scottish Highland folk dance.

The music industry has undoubtedly evolved over the years, with stakeholders across different categories contributing to meet the needs of listeners. Al Mahal Records, founded by Kevin Joel, AKA King Khan, looks set to challenge the status quo in the industry by blessing the ears of music lovers with unique sounds. The recently released Duke of Ale and the “Breakdance Jams” series, the dancing equivalent of Karaoke, have substantiated this claim.

The new song is a potential hit as it breaks the barriers that separate music from other media forms, such as visual arts, gaming, and social media. The unique Celtic/Scottish melodic influence seldom found in mainstream music as well as the album concept in sync with the Tik Tok/Instagram viral era of today reiterates its potentials to score a bigtime hit and redefine trendy.

Duke of Ale also presents a treasure trove of creative development opportunities, with the gaming world looking like the most lucrative option. It could be anything from an online multiplayer Duke of Ale roleplaying/strategy franchise to a captivating motif for a Netflix series, or even an explosive promo campaign for a beverage brand (be it Ginger Ale or the real McCoy). Looking at that album cover, a product placement bottle is waiting to be edited into the Duke of Ale’s free hand.

Back to gaming, with its immense popularity among vast demographic groups, could an ale brewing franchise rival Fortnite in sheer addictiveness? That’s a bit of a longshot. Unless it had players hiding their ale casks in a brewery cellar and hunting down then jabbing holes into opponent barrels. Other players can’t drop by Ye Olde Tavern and cash their empty casks in for pieces of silver, until they become Duke of Ale: Ruler Brewer. Then again, even a longshot is all in the arm…

About Al Mahal Records

Al Mahal Records was created by Kevin Joel, also known as King Khan, in August 2020, in response to the pandemic constricting other business pursuits. Kevin studied keyboard theory and classical guitar for five years as a young adult and holds an IT associate degree. The music company delivers stream-friendly music for mobile and pc music apps, ensuring that even listeners without external speakers on their PC get clear sounds as they enjoy their favorite tracks on their smart mobile devices. Kevin Joel and the team at Al Mahal Records aim to deliver high-quality music for the Hi-Tech era.

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