Not all heroes wear capes; some speak and create awareness. A journey worth reading

Not all heroes wear capes; some speak and create awareness. A journey worth reading
Horace Hobson’s Journey by Horace Hobson
Horace Hobson’s Journey is an autobiography crafted by the man himself, Horace Paul Hobson Jr., An American making a landing in the publishing industry with his debut novel.

A work knitted with the thread of reality, pain, suffering, and survival. His take on the darker shades of life and how one’s own determination can be the ultimate light that guides us to the very end. We have seen many autobiographies making their way to the shelves, but a few have the power to reach the hearts of mankind. His tragedy-turned-happy ending is here to create a difference, spread the message of hope and strength, and tell the readers that life is woven with complexity, but a man, if strong-willed, can achieve anything, can fight anything but only if he wants to.

Hobson is a speaker of AA and CA who strides forth with a purpose in mind, to educate the crowd about the tribulations that at times surface to test a person. He wants the audience to not be afraid and despair-ridden when hard times strike. With his own life story, he wants to inspire, to give hope to the world that be stronger than your hardships. Life is what you make it out to be. A positive mindset that searches for a solution, even in the form of help, is powerful. Seek help and work for yourself and the stability that you crave. Be your own hero.

The writer writes through experience, highlighting in his work not only the dim-lit phases but also the phases where he felt he was struggling and trying to change the direction of his canoe. The book traces his multiple relapses, his nightmare of losing his father, his mother-less home, divorce, and the stroke that almost rocked him to a permanent slumber. Without filtering and concealing his own doing, the decisions he took that made him pay the price, he kept on paying for a while until the time was up. He goes bare for the readers, for awareness.

Coming from a dysfunctional home, the writer touches upon the sensitive spots of his life. Exposing the influence of the wrong company, his drinking habit, and his drug problem that seemed to pull him back after every possible attempt at escape. His ardent determination didn’t pause his hustle for a better tomorrow. He kept on trying until he finally met with an organization established for people like him who wanted to win.

The book promises victory with a story of a man going nowhere. By showcasing his struggles, the book promises you a way out. If a man like him can beat his own fate, so can you. Even his sickness wasn’t able to keep him down for a longer period of time. He got up and took a passionate stride toward his life.

Inventive, positive, strong, and a survivor, Hobson wants others to win, overcome their hurdles and help others who seek the same route to success.

The novel Horace Hobson’s Journey is now available for purchase in E-Book, Paperback and Hardcover format from Amazon

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