NHU’s 30 years Perseverance of Industrial Innovation and Promoting National Brand

Recently, with topic of intellectual property rights of new materials has become more and more fervent, under the increasingly complex international trade situation, national enterprises with complete intellectual property rights have received extensive attention. The vigorous development of pharmaceutical and chemical industries in China is inseparable from the persistent exploration of R&D, innovation and market-oriented path of national enterprises.

As the first company listed on the SME board, NHU has made outstanding contributions to the development and technological innovation of the industry. While promoting industrial upgrading, NHU has achieved many world-class first places, and established the leading position of Chinese industry of fine chemicals in the world.

At the beginning of its founding, NHU was a school-run factory, and its chairman, Mr. Hu Baifan, was a chemistry teacher of the middle school. With the support of his school, he set up a chemical plant which ethanol recycling is the main business. Therefore, this unique development process has created NHU’ s 30-year “teacher culture”, namely, consistent investment in R&D and persistent pursuit of innovation.

Since 1990, NHU has produced 50 tons of Diethyl Ethoxymethylenemalonate which was developed on the basis of market demand in the second year. Amazing speed of development made NHU rapidly emerged in the field of fine chemicals, and gained the recognition of both the industry and the public. After entering the market, the products were welcomed by customers at home and abroad. Having Gained market recognition, NHU continued to promoted R & D, and soon made breakthroughs in the fields of nutrition, flavors and fragrances, new materials and raw material intermediates.

As a milestone,NHUs production of Diethyl Ethoxymethylenemalonate ranks first in the world so far. While promoting the upgrading of fine chemical industry, this innovation has also saved tens of millions of yuan of foreign exchange for our country. At present, the annual output has reached 4000 tons, and is still rising.

Besides the inspiration of R&D personnel, it is the efficient cooperation mechanism of research and instruction that makes sense. From experiment to pilot production and finally to industrial production, it took NHU less than three years, a speed rarely seen in the industry, to complete the development of vitamin A. NHU’s leading products, vitamin E, vitamin A and Diethyl Ethoxymethylenemalonate, all of them rank NO.1 in China in terms of production, sales and export. As a public enterprise, NHU has changed the monopoly situation of multinational corporations in this field, made outstanding contributions to the upgrading of fine chemical industry and created both material and spiritual wealth for the society.

Adhering to the mission and belief of “Chemicals Change Life”, NHU has entered the field of new materials on the basis of its own advantages in technology and research and development. In 2007, NHU set up the New Material Synthesis and Composite Technology Development Group to jointly develop special engineering plastics polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) with Zhejiang University. PPS is synthesized by chemical process, which has technical synergy with our original chemical products and can provide material solutions to meet customersneeds,” said Deng Hangjun, a NHU technician.

NHU continuously promotes the practice of Industry-University-Research cooperation. On the one hand, it greatly improves the product quality and production efficiency of PPS. On the other hand, it establishes and strengthens the “customer-centered” production, supply, marketing and research management model to meet the needs of customers and partners efficiently and accurately. Based on the needs of partners, NHU has developed many kinds of PPS materials, including PPS materials in fiber grade, low chlorine grade, alloy grade, etc. It provides partners with material solutions in environmental protection, dust removal, electronics, automotive and other application fields, and quickly enters the PPS application market.

At the same time, NHU has its own intellectual property system. As an enterprise with R&D and innovation as its core value, NHU, led by the Intellectual Property Department of Headquarters, has implemented the intellectual property management system in a one-stop and rigorous manner. During the implementation of PPS core patent “A synthetic method of fibre grade polyphenylene sulfide resin”, every departments cooperated closely and completed the process of R&D, declaration and marketization. The patent is mainly applied to unique polymerization aids. While optimizing PPS polymerization process, it can effectively reduce costs and improve environmental friendliness with its recyclable characteristics. This technological invention has been authorized and recognized by the United States, Japan, South Korea and China, which is a valuable achievement in the practice of intellectual property protection for NHU.

NHU’ s methionine product is promising as well. After 10 years of hard work, NHU has finally made a breakthrough in methionine project, which means that the plan of “rebuilding an extra NHU” with methionine is expected to be realized.

As a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and marketing of nutrients, flavors and fragrances, polymer composite new materials and bulk drug intermediates, NHU has been leading the world in the production and supply sector of animal nutrition products such as VA and VE for more than ten years. As for methionine, PPS and other products, they may become a new growth point of NHU and China’s industry of fine chemical.

“Methionine production project is based on the company’s original business of animal nutrients. It is a strategic choice to further enrich product categories and deepen product layout.” Shi Guanqun, vice president of NHU, said in an interview. Actually, methionine and vitamins are important additives in the feed industry. They have the similar technological process and relatively high overlap among downstream customers.

As a representative of public enterprises in fine chemical industry, NHU welcomes cooperation and competition from home and abroad. It has already established a joint venture with DSM, a world-renowned Dutch company in the field of new materials, and signed investment cooperation projects with Zhejiang Runtu Co., Ltd. At the same time, as a Chinese enterprise advocating “teacher culture”, NHU actively seeks to establish cooperation with multinational corporations in chemical industry, promote the upgrading and improvement of industrial chain and industry ecology, moreover, strive unremittingly for “Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing”. It is NHU’ s perseverance in innovation that breaks the monopoly of multinational companies on our market, makes national brands stand in the forest of the world, and gains wide recognition and appreciation from customers, the industry and the public.

Thirty years ago, the newly emerging NHU started with innovation and R&D. Fourteen years ago, NHU stepped on stage as the leading company that firstly listed in SME board. From beginning to end, NHU has been at the forefront of the field, taking continuous promotion of industrial upgrading as its responsibility, adhering to the belief of “chemical industry changes life” and practicing the social responsibility.

“For NHU, innovation is endless.” Hu Baifan said that this is exactly what he led the company to practice.

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