New York Estate Planning Attorney Yana Feldman Provides Insight on the Necessity of Legal Professional in Estate Planning

New York Estate Planning Attorney Yana Feldman Provides Insight on the Necessity of Legal Professional in Estate Planning

New York estate planning attorney Yana Feldman ( of New York Legacy Lawyers has recently published an informative article titled “Do I Need to Hire an Estate Planning Attorney?” The piece is an in-depth exploration of the crucial role that attorneys play in the estate planning process, highlighting the complexities and the importance of proper legal guidance when preparing for the future.

The article by the New York estate planning attorney emphasizes the value of having a legal professional by one’s side, particularly when dealing with the intricate details of asset management and distribution posthumously. It explains how an attorney’s involvement can mitigate the stress associated with estate planning and ensure that one’s wishes are carried out effectively.

“Engaging an attorney is not merely about drafting a will; it’s about creating a comprehensive plan that includes appointing powers of attorney, establishing trusts, and making certain that every aspect of one’s legacy is protected,” the New York estate planning attorney stated.

Feldman’s article also sheds light on the potential pitfalls of DIY estate planning. Due to state-specific legal requirements, the consequences of inadequate documentation can be severe, leading to family disputes, unintended disinheritance, and the costly and time-consuming probate process. The importance of legally sound documents cannot be overstated, as they are central to ensuring that one’s final wishes are honored and that assets are distributed as intended.

According to Feldman, estate planning is about safeguarding one’s legacy and providing for loved ones while avoiding unnecessary legal obstacles and taxes. For individuals with complex family dynamics or financial situations, such as blended families or multiple business ownerships, the knowledge of a New York estate planning attorney becomes even more critical.

Feldman explains that for blended families, estate planning can be particularly nuanced. The article discusses various estate planning tools tailored for such families, including family and marital trusts, outright ownership, and immediate bequests. Without proper planning, issues such as the disinheritance of children from previous marriages or disputes over custody can arise.

“Ultimately, the goal of estate planning is to give individuals control over their affairs and peace of mind. Without it, state laws and courts decide on behalf of the individual, which can lead to outcomes that stray far from their intentions,” added Feldman.

In her article, Feldman encourages individuals to seek the right professional help rather than relying on online searches or generic forms. The article stresses the importance of choosing a qualified New York estate planning attorney who understands the unique nuances of their personal situation.

For further insights into the significance of hiring a New York estate planning attorney and the services they provide, individuals are encouraged to read the full article.

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