New U Life Expands Global Footprint with Launch in South Korea – Marking its 15th Global Market

New U Life Expands Global Footprint with Launch in South Korea - Marking its 15th Global Market
Alexy Goldstein, CEO, Founder, and Owner of New U Life, launches the newest global market in South Korea.
New U Life, a Hormone Health Company, has launched in South Korea, marking its 15th global market. The company, known for its product SomaDerm, has seen significant growth and acceptance in the South Korean market since its pre-launch in March 2023. This expansion highlights New U Life’s commitment to wellness and hormone health, with South Korea showing strong sales and distributor growth, and a positive cultural reception to their products.

Seoul, South Korea – New U Life, the trailblazing Hormone Health Company, proudly announces its official entry into the vibrant South Korean market, marking a significant milestone as the company’s 15th global market expansion. Committed to revolutionizing wellness through hormone health, New U Life introduces its cutting-edge solutions to empower individuals on their transformative journey to well-being.

Since our strategic pre-launch in March 2023, New U Life has experienced unprecedented success with SomaDerm in the market, demonstrating incredible growth and market acceptance. This trajectory of success culminated in the first-ever sold-out Global Convention held in Macau, China, with South Korea taking center stage as a featured market. This milestone reflects the enthusiastic reception and rapid adoption of our hormone health solutions in the region.

“In less than a year, we’ve seen SomaDerm become a household name, synonymous with quality and innovation in hormone health,” says Alexy Goldstein, CEO of New U Life. “The South Korean market has shown an exceptional embrace of our products, which is evident in the incredible growth we’ve witnessed—both in terms of distributors and customers.”

Joseph Kwon, General Manager of Korea for New U Life, adds, “The response from the South Korean market has been nothing short of phenomenal. Not only in terms of sales and the expansion of our distributor network but also in how SomaDerm has been woven into the cultural fabric of wellness here. It’s a testament to the product’s impact and our company’s vision.”

The launch in South Korea signifies more than just an expansion—it’s a celebration of the cultural alignment between New U Life’s mission and South Korea’s dedication to health and well-being. As New U Life transitions from pre-launch to a full-fledged presence in South Korea, the company is not only pleased with the astounding growth in distributors, customers, and sales but also with the cultural impact it has made.

New U Life’s hormone health products are meticulously crafted based on rigorous scientific research and are held to the highest quality standards to address various aspects of hormone health. From pioneering supplements to comprehensive wellness solutions, the company offers a diverse portfolio that caters to the unique needs of individuals at every stage of life.

“We are delighted to unveil New U Life’s transformative hormone health solutions in South Korea, our 15th global market,” said Reid Tanaka, Vice President of International at New U Life. “As the Hormone Health Company, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools they need to prioritize their health and well-being. We are excited to share our expertise with the people of South Korea and are truly inspired by the passion and enthusiasm they’ve shown for our products.”

This official launch heralds a new chapter for New U Life in South Korea, promising to continue the company’s legacy of innovation, excellence, and profound impact on the lives of individuals seeking comprehensive hormone health solutions. With a vision firmly set on the future, New U Life is poised to enrich the wellness journeys of countless more around the globe.

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