New Software by Shield Consultancy Takes Aim at Combating Media Piracy in the Middle East and North Africa

New Software by Shield Consultancy Takes Aim at Combating Media Piracy in the Middle East and North Africa

Founded by Moataz O. Saleh, Shield Consultancy Egypt takes aim at piracy.
Shield Consultancy Egypt, announces that they have launched a software to combat media piracy in the Middle East and North America.

Cairo, Egypt – April 9, 2021 – Since the beginning of the Internet, piracy has become rampant. Piracy is an act involving theft of software, movies, music, etc. for personal gain. Piracy acts became rampant in the late 1990s and over twenty years later, have companies made headway in combatting the illegal use of software and movies. Stopping piracy has been futile at most; that is until Shield Consultancy Egypt developed software to help fight against it. The founder of Shield Consultancy Egypt, Moataz O Saleh, who is also an I.T. professional, announces that the company has become a leader in combating media piracy in the Middle East and North Africa with successful removal services for more than 129 piracy movie titles from the Internet. The company’s expansion to combat piracy is a welcome outcome for many filmmakers and software companies. The goal and value of the software are to cooperate with national and international media production companies, film producers, and media publishers to combat media piracy,” says Saleh.

One of the most common cases received by Shield Consultancy involves a large portion of cyber theft via digital piracy. Saleh firmly believes that one of the many reasons why companies become victims of piracy is due to their unawareness about what digital piracy is and the consequences that come about being involved in it.  As more people in myriad industries face piracy and recognize it for what it is, they are searching for ways to combat it. Many admit that their efforts have been less than what they hoped to accomplish. That is, up until Shield Consultancy stepped in. Saleh believes that piracy negatively affects every person working in these industries, so we should fight it. “If we do nothing, piracy continues,” says Saleh. “Millions of dollars are being stolen because of piracy. It is about time we have a solid gateway to combat it.”

Dr. Melissa Caudle, software developer of EZBOOKBLASTER.COM knows how important it is to stop piracy. Caudle found out firsthand how easy it was for someone to use piracy to duplicate a copyright-protected software when hers was hijacked. “We were doing a search for our competition and found our software had been pirated. It was a nightmare. Luckily, we had the software trademarked and copyright protected and was able to rid the piracy. “You better believe I paid attention to Shield Consultancy,” Caudle says. “I just wish I knew about it earlier.”

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