New Release Refutes Popular Belief of God’s Present Judgment on America

Enumclaw, WA—Are unstable weather patterns, a rise in violence and terrorism, and a rejection of Judeo-Christian values in our society a sign God is judging our nation?

Dennis Farrell, author and retired professor of psychology, says we are not in a time of judgment, but of repentance. In The Judgment of God (Redemption Press 2016) he refutes the belief that God is judging America now. Farrell says, “The appropriate question is: When willGod judge America and the world? Using careful scholarship, with biblical references, historical examples, and the commentary of biblical scholars, he lays out his reasoning.

The meaning of the word judgment in the Old and New Testaments, the difference between the judgment of the people of God and the house of God, and the timing of the coming judgment are all topics of Farrell’s research. His topics range from what the Bible actually says on who controls the world, and why it seems as if God is judging the world now, as well as details on the Great Judgment Day, and who will do the judging.

Farrell, also the author of Post-Trib: A Post-Tribulation View of the Second Coming, says, “The judgment of the whole world is future and will be inclusive of everyone.” His premise is this is a day of salvation, a time of repentance. He hopes to benefit readers who may have misconceptions about judgment, and who may not be familiar with what the scriptures say.

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