New Picture Book “Lost Mom” by Lindsey Labrum Takes a Light-hearted Look at family dynamics

In a refreshing take on the complexities of family dynamics and life’s unpredictability, artist and writer Lindsey Labrum presents “Lost Mom,” a rhyming picture book that shares a personal and widely relatable narrative. The book navigates the delicate themes of family misunderstandings and the quest for personal truth, all while maintaining a light-hearted tone that underscores the healing power of laughter.

The inception of “Lost Mom” came from Labrum’s search for a book that could offer comfort and a chuckle during a tough time. Finding none, she decided to create what she was looking for. The book aims to connect with readers facing their challenges, offering a narrative that acknowledges the difficulty of such situations but also highlights the importance of moving forward with strength and humor.

Labrum, whose career evolved from the film industry to a focus on storytelling through art, draws inspiration from her life experiences and the absence of literature addressing certain personal crises with levity. “Lost Mom” tells the story of a mother who is led to believe by an online psychic that her family means her harm. This storyline, while fictional, is peppered with elements reflective of real-life emotions and lessons on resilience.

Labrum’s artistic style, influenced by the iconic ’70s artist Shel Silverstein, features simple, expressive characters and subtle humor. Preferring the stark contrast of black ink on white paper, she imbues her work with layered meanings, encouraging readers to explore deeper messages and connect on a more personal level.

“Lost Mom” is part of Labrum’s broader effort to use art as a means of communication and healing. Through this book, she seeks to reach out to those who have faced the confusion and pain of losing family members under unusual circumstances or those struggling to find closure. Labrum’s narrative is an invitation to find solace and perhaps a smile in recognizing one’s strength and the universal experience of overcoming life’s hurdles.

As Labrum continues to share her stories and art, she also encourages readers to seek out The Sacred Hearts Club Symbol within her work, a sign of authenticity and a nod to the interconnected stories she plans to reveal over time. This symbol, like “Lost Mom,” is a gentle reminder of the shared experiences that link us all, offering comfort and a moment of joy amidst the complexities of life.

“Lost Mom” stands as a unique contribution to children’s literature, addressing with care and creativity the themes of misunderstanding, resilience, and the unexpected journey of navigating family relationships. Lindsey Labrum’s latest book is not just a story to read but an experience to share, reflecting on the challenges being faced and the unexpected ways to laugh and learn from them.

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The book will also be available on Amazon KDP and Ingramsparks.

About Lindsey Labrum

Lindsey Labrum is a Los Angeles-based illustrator, artist, and writer renowned for her unique storytelling and artistic style. Originating from Las Vegas, Nevada, her work is deeply personal, drawing on life’s challenges to create stories and art that resonate with audiences globally.

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