New novel “Dusk in Venice” by Adriana Dean is released, a romantic tale of love tested by distance and fate based on a true story.

New novel "Dusk in Venice" by Adriana Dean is released, a romantic tale of love tested by distance and fate based on a true story.

“Dusk in Venice” by Adriana Dean has been released worldwide. This 279-page novel tells the story of Oriana, born in Italy but transported with her family to the United States at a young age, who longs to return to her birthplace and reconnect with her Italian roots. When the chance arises, Oriana departs on a European tour and has a chance encounter with a handsome Argentinian Naval Officer, Marcos. They share an instant connection and a brief, intense time together, but must part ways to continue their respective trips. 

The two stay in touch by letter, forming a deep romance through their correspondence, but their growing love is marred by suspicion, distance, and the mysterious circumstances of Marcos’s life. As time passes, Oriana has other suitors but can’t shake her feelings for the man of her dreams or ignore the passion in the letters he writes. 

With the letters from Marcos and Oriana’s tumultuous feelings at the center of the novel, Adriana Dean weaves a love story of longing, keeping readers in suspense about how the relationship will unfold. The protagonists face culture clashes, obstacles of distance and family, and internal struggles that threaten to destroy their budding relationship before it can truly begin. 

Set in the 1960s, this vibrantly descriptive story is a delicate dance of joy and sadness, raising questions about what people are willing to do at the promise of love, and how they cope when fate seems to stand in the way at every turn. Inspired by her Italian heritage and a captivating trip to Venice, Dean weaves personal details and lived experiences into the novel. Each of the letters is translated from Italian to English for an added layer of authenticity. 

Through moving, mesmerizing moments and a surprise twist in the epilogue, the novel invites readers to embrace romance, encouraging them to remain open to the potential all around them, to take chances, and to find the determination to hang on to the love in their lives. 

Dusk in Venice (ISBN: 9781962987349 / 9781962987080) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The hardcover retails for $23.99, the paperback retails for $16.99, and the ebook retails for $2.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request.

From the back cover:

They met by chance. Could their love survive an ocean’s distance and years apart?

Oriana left her birthplace of Italy for America with her mother in 1947. Longing to return to the place of her birth and he extended family, she finally gets her chance as a young woman going on a deluxe European tour. Everything goes as planned except for an encounter with a handsome stranger on a train. 

Marcos is in the Argentinian Navy and is in Europe on business. His magical time with Oriana ends far too quickly, pulling them apart and making them question if what they felt for each other was real love or a momentary infatuation. 

Through their letters, they struggle to understand what the other is thinking and what’s keeping them apart. Between her father’s interference and his time-consuming business deal, it seems fate is conspiring to do so. Not able to forget their time spent together, will they surmount the obstacles?

About the author:

Adriana was born in sunny Southern Italy and enjoyed every bit of what the vibrant culture had to offer. She was the happiest tomboy there was! At the age of ten, she moved to New Jersey to start a new life. She faced a language she didn’t understand and was sent to a school that stifled her wardrobe! But she was determined to conquer all of these obstacles and did just that! Adriana always enjoyed writing in both Italian and English and had some short stories published in local magazines and news prints. 

After high school, she began a career in the textile industry as a color and design coordinator… As time moved on, she married and soon after became a mother. This was once again a new beginning. Writing fell to the wayside for some years, but the passion remained. Now, with her husband’s passing and children grown, it was time for her passion to rise out of the dusty box filled with words… 

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