New Novel by Cliff Hard Has Been Released to Readers Worldwide

MindStir Media author Cliff Hard has published his novel, James the Orphan: How a Family Started in America.

James the Orphan: How a Family Started in America (A Novel) takes place around the year 1650 and centers on a 14-year-old orphan sailing to America. “Mr. Hard does a great job detailing this time period,” said J.J. Hebert, bestselling author. “It’s obvious that the author did a great deal of research in order to bring the time period and characters to life…”

From the back cover: Eric Brasher hated me and I was clueless as to the reason why. I think he would have invented a reason to beat me up if I had not accidentally given him one. I did not hate him, even though he constantly made me feel stupid, especially in front of friends. When at school, he would sneak up behind and push me into a wall, or stick his foot out in front of me and make me trip. Before my parents died and the king declared me an orphan, my father advised that someday, even though Eric was two years older, wealthy, and trained in weaponry, I would have to stand up and fight like a man or forever be branded a coward. My father’s prediction proved true when I sailed to America and Eric followed.

James the Oprhan: How a Family Started in America (A Novel) is available as a paperback book at, and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale orders can be placed through Ingram. The e-book version is forthcoming. Cliff Hard is available for interviews.

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About author Cliff Hard:

Growing up in Southern California, Cliff Hard was fortunate to have lived during his early childhood on his great-grandparents’ seventy-five-acre ranch, the ranch house built in 1893. The house was complete with outhouse, tank house, windmill and livestock. Cliff’s maternal grandfather inherited the farm and continued farming with horse-drawn equipment until 1953.In the early 1900s, Cliff’s paternal grandparents won several acres of land in a Colorado lottery and Cliff’s father lived on that farm until moving to California in the 1930s. In 1976, Cliff earned his Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from California State University Long Beach, writing his thesis on the subject of prison education. His employment history includes newspaper carrier, custodian, parking lot attendant, police intern, gas station attendant, prison education counselor, prison halfway house counselor and supervising probation officer. Although retired from the criminal justice field, he is working part time at Home Depot. His many hobbies include writing, woodworking, fishing, connecting with family, and exercising at the gym. Cliff’s ties to the old way of ranch living, coupled with his love of history and writing, helped create a unique way of storytelling.

About the book publisher, MindStir Media:

MindStir Media LLC offers a wide variety of self-publishing services such as custom cover design; interior layout; ISBN assignment; printing; ebook conversion; distribution; and marketing assistance. MindStir Media also provides one-on-one coaching from bestselling author J.J. Hebert, making its book publishing services completely unique and “Mind-Stirringly Easy,” as the company puts it.

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