New book “Fore Yoga” by Anthony J. Castelluccio receives praise and is poised to help readers achieve higher levels of well-being

Fore Yoga by Anthony J. Castelluccio is the nonfiction account of authentic oral yoga and other healing arts playing a big role for a record-setting collegiate golf team.  This book captures the actual words (known as live yoga) of an authentic Indian guru and other healing art practices.  Never heard in the US before 2015, these teachings were put into action, and the results were astonishing.

More specifically, Author Anthony J. Castelluccio created his own version of an online program called Inner Engineering.  Inner Engineering is essentially yoga taught orally and includes a seven-part class presented by a living guru from India named Sadhguru. The Author presented his version of the program to a division 1 men’s golf team and the teachings resulted in the lowest scores in over one hundred years of university golf. 

 Fore Yoga has also received rave reviews.  One 5-star Amazon review states: “I use some of these techniques myself and had wonderful results.  Great inspiring story to motivate us to use yoga and other healing arts practices. . .”

“Fore Yoga is intended to open your eyes to the importance and power of authentic oral yoga,” said Castelluccio.  “It’s the quality inside of most everything that makes it useful, humans are no different. Since taking and teaching the course, the athletes blossomed and my health has been fantastic.  We are hoping by writing this book the readers will be motivated to take the course. Inner Engineering should be part of all of our lives and a main focus of our education system as a solution to youth violence.”

Fore Yoga is available at, and other fine retailers worldwide in hardcover (978-19845099870), paperback (978-1984509970) and eBooks format.

About the author:

Anthony J. Castelluccio is a certified yoga instructor, certified golf instructor, speaker and enthusiast of the healing arts and creator of and Unitary.

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