Natural pest control for ants is not just spraying eco-friendly pesticides

“Carpenter ant workers are polymorphic–which means workers are different sizes. Entomologists refer to larger workers as “major” workers and the smaller workers as “minor” workers. The minor workers are not “baby” ants–they just have different task”
Professional exterminators use a variety of techniques to eradicate ants. Most use a combination of baits and gels, but the type of treatment varies based upon the type of ant. What works for one type doesn’t always work for another. Although baits and gels do contain poison, a professional exterminator can place them out of reach of children and pets. Many companies also offer non-toxic treatments, too.

How to Naturally Get Rid of Ants in the House or commercial business building 

Eliminating the ants from houses and buildings for a longer period of time but  they keep on coming back? This is indeed an annoying problem for owners. When ants invade homes or businesses it’s time to battle. There are different types of ants that might intrude homes and there can be difficulty in eliminating the pests. Most do-it-yourself (diy) pest controls are not able to find the nest or the places where the ants came from.

There are some homeowners or businesses who may not be bothered when ants are detected. The ants can trail everywhere outdoors. However once detected trailing onto kitchen countertops, walls and other parts of the house its time to take action. There are different types of ants that may invade homes or buildings quickly. To get rid of ants with pesticides may work for one area. After a few days, a new set of ants can begin trailing inside the house. There are natural ways to kill ants and in an effective manner. 

Identify the Ants Types, Facts 

Dealing with different types of ants in houses, involves detective work. Which is an important part in the process of eradicating ants. However there is actually much more than that. Identifying the most effective way to treat ants greatly depends upon the specific type of ant in the house. Every species has different preferences in food, behaviours as well as remedies which will be effective in ensuring that the ants are kept away from homes. There are also ants which are specific to Seattle, Washington region. 

What pest control does to get rid of household ants

House ants are attracted to sweets that are usually found in the kitchen and also leave chemical pheromone trail where the ants travel. Once the ants have been eliminated the house ants are no longer seen on kitchen countertops or walls. But now here comes a new set of ants. The ants are following the trail and showing up in the same areas. Which annoys the owners to no end. Killing the entire colony is the key. Once you have seen the few ants trailing around, sponge the ants with soapy water to eliminate the  pheromone trail. Also, make sure to work on it as quickly as possible and find out how  the ants are accessing the home or building. Start placing homemade ant bait on the entry points. 

How to kill ants and stop them from coming back. The best ant killer with an effective home made remedy

How to stop the trailing of house ants  through an effective ant control home remedy. House ants can be killed by the use of Borax as well as powdered sugar as it attracts them easily. East to make the homemade bait through carefully mixing 1 part of Borax along with three parts powdered sugar. Get tiny containers like bottle caps and fill it with this homemade bait.  Place the bait  close to where house ants usually enter and where there are additional trails in any part of the house. Place the mixture directly on the pathways. Through this method one can have the assurance that the house ants will be prevented from travelling around the home or commercial buildings. 

Carpenter Ants 

These types of ants are usually found around the house in wooden areas. Carpenter ants do not carry bait back into the nests and have to be eliminated right on the traveling path. Which means having to do some sort of detective work in order to find the nests. The use of borax and sugar bait is not an effective way to get rid of carpenter ants because it just feeds on it. Such types of ants will live outdoors closer to the house and will eventually intrude the home to search for water and food.

So how can a nest be located? Most of the carpenter ants are living in tunnels or wooden areas. It may be hard to locate the nest. The best clue for this is to do a search on small piles of fine sawdust which are the remains of the wood chewed by the carpenter ants. Carpenter ants may be found on moist wood such as in decks, foundations, trees and wood piles near the home. Also in gaps between boards and other areas.

Are there natural ways to kill carpenter ants? There are a lot of ant control home remedies for carpenter ants however the best possible way to get rid of them is through the use of DE or Diatomaceous Earth, which is completely organic and natural. This is made of the tiny remains of algae-like plants. Making sure to completely get rid of ants, the food grade DE should be injected into the nest of the ants directly. Use a medicine dropper in order to squirt dry diatomaceous earth into the cracks where the nest of the ants has been found. This should be reapplied right after the rain. 

Other Pest Control for Ants

There are also other natural ways to kill ants and these include the following:

• Sprinkle cinnamon near the entry points. 
• Pour few drops of peppermint essential oil in a cotton ball and place it in areas where ants are usually crawling around. 
• Rub little Vaseline near the areas where they are entering the house. 
• There are some ants that don’t like baby powder so sprinkle some around the home’s perimeter or even indoors.

These are just few of the home remedies for ants that may be utilized   to completely get rid of the annoying ants that are invading the home or business. On the other hand if the  home remedies are not that effective than its time to call for a  professional service provider.

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