Nathan Peterson Is Fighting The Stigma Of OCD And Helping Thousands Heal Through His Booming YouTube Channel

Nathan Peterson, LCSW is educating and helping thousands online through his growing YouTube™ channel by spreading accurate information about OCD and anxiety so that people can recover from this little-understood mental illness.

He believes people tend to categorize OCD as all about washing hands and keeping things in order. But in reality, it attacks what people care about and makes them doubt it. That’s why he’s on a mission to bring to light these subtypes of OCD that people have never heard of.

Mr. Peterson suggests that in order to treat OCD, one must find an effective way to take away its power. This inspired him to build a self-directed OCD program to reach more people who don’t have access to treatment and are eager to take back their power.

He hopes his YouTube™ channel and programs will continue to reach people who are struggling with anxiety and OCD. He is passionate about helping others find the right treatment and support. Furthermore, he also wants to reach those who are supportive of someone who has anxiety and OCD, because it can be hard for family members to understand or know how best to help their loved ones.

Mr. Peterson is helping thousands get their life back by means of his videos and online program. He has become a pioneer in spreading this life-changing information rapidly with hopes of removing the stigma of mental health. 

To learn more about Mr. Peterson’s methods for overcoming OCD and anxiety, subscribe to his YouTube™ channel or purchase his online OCD program

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