Nathan Nguyen Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Produces Raes

Raes is an advanced 360° surface and air UV-C sterilizer: Able to eliminate the spread of germs, flu viruses, and colds with advanced UV-C technology and motion detection, Raes is designed to improve the overall health of users.

Viruses, flu, contagions, germs, and illnesses allow a person and their loved ones to get sick from shared devices at home, work, or public places.  When someone is contagious, they can spread the flu virus, colds, germs, and bacterium. For those who touch those contaminated surfaces or breathe in contaminated air, illness is sure to follow resulting in loss of time at work, school, and with loved ones.

The Solution

The solution to staying healthy is Raes.  This revolutionary, smart, and advanced surface and air sterilizer eliminates 99.99% of dangerous bacteria and viruses within 5-30 seconds.  Powerful light rays keep people healthy, happy and productive.

With no chemicals used to clean an object, anything can be placed into Raes and come out germ, virus, and bacteria free. Designed for ease-of-use with Apple and Microsoft products, Raes design is modern, space-saving, and easy to operate.

The Features

Ideal for killing germs, Raes uses powerful UV-C rays to ensure that any object is germ free.  Some of the features of Raes include:

  • A 360 sterilization in all dimensions in 5 – 30 seconds

  • An eye and skin protective shield for safety

  • Powerful 4-8 UV-C LED bulbs

  • Roomy capacity to fit multiple or large objects

  • Range of sizes

  • Motion detection

  • Air sterilization and filter

With Raes 360° Go, users can sterilize their objects wherever they go.  Whether at the gym, park, school, office, or any public place, Raes 360° keeps users healthy and on the go.  Raes 360° is the perfect sterilizer for people on the go.

Raes is the perfect kitchen sterilizer.  Sterilize knives, cutting boards, sponges, bottles, or dish brushes in 5 to 30 seconds.  This space saving and versatile device makes the perfect gift for any kitchen enthusiast.  

Located on the web at , Raes offers pledge levels from $20 to $10,000 including: 

  • Contributing Raes to libraries, schools, and non-profit institutions

  • Extra small manual Raes

  • Raes 360° Go small bag

  • Small manual Raes

  • Raes 360° Go medium bag

  • Raes 360° Go large bag

  • Medium manual Raes

  • Large manual Raes

  • Automatic large Raes and air sterilizer

For more information, visit the Kickstarter website page.

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