Nara Susan Iterates Commitment to Provide Premium Mackerel Imports From The Pristine Atlantic Ocean to the United States

With a commitment to hygiene and top food quality, Nara Susan has positioned itself as the go-to destination for mackerel importation and supply service, offering premium fresh mackerel from the Atlantic

Leading importer of fresh mackerel in the United States Nara Susan has reaffirmed its dedication to delivering the highest quality mackerel imports sourced from the clean and bountiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Nara Susan has become synonymous with quality seafood and the company isn’t resting on its oars as it seeks to enhance its supply of the finest mackerel with exceptional fat quality delivered to seafood enthusiasts across the United States.

What sets Nara Susan’s mackerel apart is the unique seasoning crafted by skilled artisans. Each mackerel is expertly groomed by veteran experts. From the fish head removal to bones and guts removal, washing, salting, listing, and much more, every step is carefully executed with meticulous attention to detail.

The mackerels are seasoned with a blend of seaweed salt, goji berry, and shiitake mushrooms. This carefully curated combination enhances the natural flavors of the mackerel while reducing sodium content and minimizing any unwanted fishy smell. The result is a premium mackerel that is both delicious and healthy.

“At Nara Susan, we prioritize thorough hygiene management and are proud to operate from a HACCP-certified facility,” explained a media representative for the company. “In addition to regular self-quality inspections every 3 months, we go above and beyond by conducting voluntary non-regular inspections to ensure the safety and quality of our products. With Nara Susan, consumers can enjoy delicious and safe mackerel that meets the highest standards of excellence.”

Nara Susan’s premium mackerel imports are an exciting development for seafood lovers across the country. The company’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and taste is at the forefront of its operations. By partnering with trusted fishermen and adhering to strict environmental standards, Nara Susan guarantees the best mackerel and contributes to preserving our oceans.

Established with families in mind, Nara Susan is a family-oriented brand that is committed to hygiene in the production process and product quality. Consumers can experience the remarkable unparalleled taste of mackerels and their health benefits when they buy from Nara Susan.

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Nara Susan is a leading importer and supplier of premium seafood products. With a focus on quality, sustainability, and taste, Nara Susan endeavors to bring the finest seafood delicacies from around the world to customers in the United States.

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