Naples Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses the Possibility of Suing for Marital Infidelity in Florida

Naples Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight Discusses the Possibility of Suing for Marital Infidelity in Florida

Naples divorce lawyer Russell Knight ( of the Law Office of Russell Knight has recently shed light on the complexities of marital law in Florida. The insightful article addresses the historical and current legal stance on suing a third party for the breakdown of a marriage.

“In Florida, there was a time when one could sue the individual their spouse had run away with,” the Naples divorce lawyer explains. He outlines the evolution of laws that previously allowed aggrieved spouses to file suits against a third party for alienation of affection or criminal conversation.

Russell Knight, a seasoned Naples divorce lawyer, further illustrates the shift in societal and legal perspectives toward adultery and its consequences within divorce proceedings. He states, “While having an affair with a married person is certainly not commendable, societal views have evolved, and such behavior might not be considered ‘utterly intolerable’ as it once might have been.”

The article continues to explore how adultery can impact divorce cases, particularly in terms of asset dissipation and potential adjustments in alimony awards. Knight shares his professional observations from years of practice: “The most detrimental aspect of adultery in divorce law is its effect on the children when a new partner is introduced.”

Reflecting on his vast experience, Knight emphasizes the importance of a well-structured parenting plan that can address the introduction of new romantic partners into children’s lives, suggesting stipulations such as the length of the relationship or engagement status.

The Naples divorce lawyer offers a nuanced perspective on the contemporary legal landscape, detailing the remaining tort in Florida available for suing a third party involved with a spouse: intentional infliction of emotional distress. This claim, however, comes with stringent requirements that reflect the gravity of the accusation and the severity of the emotional distress caused.

Russell Knight’s dedication to informing the public and his clients about the complexities of the law is evident in the thoroughness of his article. His discussion on the topic provides clarity and guidance on an area of law that many may find obscure or confusing.

To those contemplating divorce, Knight advises seeking legal counsel from an experienced attorney. His commitment to the law and the well-being of his clients is at the forefront of his practice.

For individuals interested in learning more about the impact of adultery on divorce proceedings in Florida, the article by Naples divorce lawyer Russell Knight serves as an invaluable resource.

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