Nakamoto Clothing launches Bitcoin clothing for men, women and kids

Vancouver, Canada based company Nakamoto Clothing has launched a range of crypto currency clothing for men, women and kids. They have launched their products on the online store, which also features several accessories such as hats and tote bags. Inspired by the advanced technology of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the company has come up with this idea to present clothing for technology lovers to express their personal style while supporting a new movement.

‘Geeky fashion’, as they say, has been gaining quite some popularity in the modern times. From casual t-shirts to handbags, printed with intellectual quotes, techie stuff and highbrow phrases, it has all become a raging fashion. The latest rage in technology, Bitcoin currency (BTC) has changed the way currency works in the whole world. It is a digital crypto currency that can be used for transactions, trade and buy or selling other kinds of properties too. With increasing awareness about the Bitcoin currency among the people, Nakamoto Clothing presents clothing and accessories for people to express their thoughts by what they wear and make other people aware of the benefits of crypto currency too.

Now that thousands of individuals and businesses have realized the potential Bitcoin currency has to offer, there are several sources that have emerged for people to buy Bitcoin. “At Nakamoto clothing, we aim to offer people the classic apparel for modern technology. The clothing and accessories we offer is a way of self-expression and moreover, we always ensure that all the products are of high quality and durable”, says spokesperson of Nakamoto clothing. Apart from offering the Bitcoin clothing, the online store also offers clothing & accessories for other crypto currencies such as Monero and Ethereum.

There are hundreds of designs and styles to choose from at the online store and more designs are added every week. The users can find t-shirts, ¾ sleeves, crop tops, mugs, hats, market tote bags, baby onesies and baby crewnecks among other products. Apart from the traditional forms of payment, the customers can also pay using Bitcoin with BitPay.

The name ‘Nakamoto’ clothing surely looks inspired by the founder(s) of Bitcoin currency named Satoshi Nakamoto. The brand stands for providing technology inspired, high-quality clothing to the people. As it progresses, the company also plans to donate some of its proceeds to support the fight for net neutrality. 

The company can be followed on Instagram with the user ID nakamotoclothingco and on Facebook as well. More products can be seen on their official website

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