’s ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option the ideal solution for clients’ fitted bedrooms

Bedrooms are much more functional spaces nowadays, but they haven’t lost their aesthetic appeal. At, clients can combine functionality with style and appeal with the latest collection of fitted bedrooms and wardrobes, and with’s ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ offer, clients need not worry about a deposit for up to 12 months.

UNITED KINGDOM – 24 May, 2018 – A functional yet attractive bedroom is the dream of many, and those who are lucky enough to have the right combination of functionality and appeal in their bedroom can look forward to complete relaxation and relief from stress in their own abode.

But it’s difficult for many homeowners to have a bedroom that can fit their possessions and belongings without sacrificing style and attractiveness. For many, it’s virtually impossible to have a bedroom that’s both elegant and stylish yet can provide ample storage as well. This is where the service and products from come in. has been specialising in sliding wardrobes, built in wardrobes, and other kinds of wardrobes for the bedroom for years, and it has already satisfied the requirements of numerous customers. Transforming a bedroom and making it a pleasant place for sleep and storage is now made possible by, which offers a vast collection of wardrobes suited to anyone’s needs.

And now, thanks to, clients who are interested in changing their bedrooms’ look and functionality can take advantage of a special offer – a ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ option, where clients can order their dream bedroom wardrobe today without needing to pay a deposit. What’s more, clients who order their bedroom wardrobes from can enjoy their new wardrobes for a full year before they need to make repayments.

Clients can choose the Buy Now, Pay Later option they want based on the total cost of their bedroom wardrobes. For clients who opt for a 25% deposit and a term of 120 months, the cost of repayment will vary depending on the total cost of the wardrobe and bedroom. For a wardrobe and bedroom costing a total of £2,000, for example, clients need only pay a monthly repayment of £32.97. For a wardrobe and bedroom which costs a total of £3,000, clients can simply settle a monthly payment of £48.41.

This financing offer and option available from can be extended over 60 months or a total of 120 months, although clients who wish to settle the full amount earlier can also do so.

About the company: offers a variety of fitted bedrooms and fitted wardrobes for the most exacting clients in the UK. For customers who would like to transform their living spaces with the ideal fitted bedrooms as well as wardrobes, visit the website.    

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