Mycryptobuddy – The AI-based trading system to make the most of cryptocurrency investment

Mycryptobuddy is an AI-based trading system that enables users to take maximum advantage of their investment in cryptocurrency. It is a trading system and integrated with an affiliate program that enables the users to earn daily returns on their investment, around the year.

The traders also have the option to withdraw their returns or stop any time they want to. The company has developed an informational video, which not only explains their trading program but also how to invest wisely in cryptocurrency to make the most of it.

In the short video, Mycryptobuddy explains how one can multiply their BTC, starting with as little as $40 of BTC. The video talks about the fundamentals of investment and what are the most lucrative opportunities to invest in. Even if someone isn’t interested in joining the program, they can find general and useful information about cryptocurrency investment in the video.

BTC Trade Package

  • The traders can invest as low as $40 to buy a BTC trade package for the affiliate plan.
  • Mycryptobuddy maintains transparency among their customers and clearly specifies that 50% of all the trading packages go towards operations and commissions and the rest 50% to their trading account.
  • All the BTC trading packages are individual accounts and not pooled with an option to withdraw the capital anytime.
  • The trader makes up to .66% per day of all the money that goes into their trading account for 365 days.
  • After 365 years, the package expires and the user will receive their original balance plus all the profits that they have earned around the year.

To make the most of this trading plan, the user can enroll their friends; the more the merrier. Those friends can further inform other people about the plan and the original user can sit and enjoy all the commissions received from the people enrolled through them. This trading plan enables users to compound their results and increase the daily returns they earn. They don’t need to trade or mine and no need to be a crypto expert for getting benefits from this plan.

All they need to do is to buy their preferred BTC package and leverage the expertise of licensed professionals with a proven track record. Find more information at

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