My Success Agency Helps Online Businesses Drive Healthy ROI through Performance Marketing

It is often said that, in business, it is not about the size of the investment but the certainty of returns. Return on investment, or ROI, is the byword of all business models. It is the rate of investments in revenue generated. If a man buys an item for $1 and was able to sell it for $2, his ROI ratio is 2:1. It seems straightforward enough.

In reality, things are never that straightforward, particularly in business. The returns or the generated revenue should be large enough to cover not just the initial investment but also other costs and losses inherent to running the business. There are overhead costs, variable production costs, regulatory costs, depreciation, losses from inefficiencies, and so on. Realistically speaking, there is no absolute certainty that investments will give a return, much less a sufficient return. There’s only the likelihood of it.

Business is a gamble but less is given to chance. Businessmen like to put their money where there is a likelihood of high returns. For example, investments, such as materials, equipment, and labor, directly attribute to the production of output and therefore carry a higher likelihood of returns. Other less tangible investments are considered riskier.

In general, marketing is deemed necessary for business. One can’t make a sale without letting customers know that he’s selling. But even marketing carries risks. Though a large investment in marketing has the potential of an even larger pay-off, the cost is indicative of scale and complexity. These, in turn, pose a greater risk of marketing failure for the investor. The same considerations of risks and rewards are true for online businesses.

Many online businesses are wary of investing in professional digital marketing services, choosing instead DIY marketing options and amateur self-promotion. Why? Because there’s been a proliferation of digital marketing agencies, each one touting unmatched credibility and promising outstanding return on marketing investments. And that’s just the thing with the internet—anybody can say anything about anyone. True cred is hard to come by.

Traditional marketing business models offer no guarantee to clients. It’s easy to sweet talk clients into a marketing deal but after they have paid the marketing fees upfront, they can only hope for positive results; that’s true even if the marketing project is fully implemented. In an unfavorable turnout, marketers can always chalk up the failure to the unpredictable market variables.

But one digital marketing service provider is turning the industry on its head by adopting a new type of marketing service that truly ensures investment returns. That provider is My Success Agency and it is disrupting the business of digital marketing by offering performance marketing services. What is performance marketing?

Simply put, performance marketing is performance-based marketing. The client is not charged for marketing services until results are generated. A more concise definition is as follows:

“Performance marketing is a comprehensive term that refers to online marketing and advertising programs in which advertisers and marketing companies are paid when a specific action is completed, such as a sale, lead, or click.”

To further explain this win-win marketing strategy, a merchant (such as an online retailer or an e-commerce company) and an affiliate (a.k.a. “publisher” or a “marketing partner” such as a coupon site, blog, review site) are both able to truly target campaigns in a strategical manner and with high ROI, all based on performance.

By paying the affiliate whenever a specific action is completed, online businesses are assured that their investment is producing returns since they are already converting their target audience before they pay for the transaction.

The payment arrangements for specific actions can be payment per sale, cost per acquisition, pay per lead gathered, or pay per click. Any specific action can be done on a performance basis.

Brokering all of this is My Success Agency.

My Success Agency will function as the affiliate manager or the outsource program management company in this setup. Its job is to do partner recruitment, formulate growth strategies, devise long-tail program optimization, provide content creation, head campaign management, and more. My Success Agency not only has the creative resources and technical expertise in performance marketing but also has a wide network of affiliate partners.

My Success Agency can provide 100% ownership of the marketing project or operate in a limited capacity by providing in-house agents or department consultancy, technical support, or affiliate recommendations.

With performance marketing, My Success Agency helps online businesses significantly increase reach, engagement, and conversion rates at a lower cost, lower risk, and at a much higher and healthier ROI.

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