Music Premiere: Eduke’s Rave Over Bob Dylan & Sam Cooke – (How the power of music heals racism)

Track Id: Eduke – Dylan & Cooke (Original Mix)

It is said that in 1963 when Sam Cooke heard Bob Dylan’s song “blowin’ in the wind” for the first time, he was jarred and so moved “that such a poignant song about American racism could be written by someone who was not black”. As a result, Sam Cooke wrote “A change is gonna come” in response to Dylan’s “blowin’ in the wind”. In addition, he immediately added Bob Dylan’s “blowin’ in the wind” on to his repertoire. Both songs have helped shape history as we know it today.

West African born, American Music producer and DJ Eduke highlights this relationship between the two music icons in his newest release “Dylan & Cooke”.

“Dylan & Cooke” Is a tech house heavyweight which tells the story and highlights the impact and legacy of Sam Cooke and Bob Dylan on modern day music.

The track is inspired by a talk given by cultural activist and musician Eric Dozier entitled “How the power of music heals racism”.

It highlights the creative mission both artists shared, with songs like “blowin’ in the wind” and “a change is gonna come” to help promote justice and human solidarity.

The second half of the original mix introduces “the Hidden words of Baha’u’llah” using Eric’s vocals to evoke a profound awareness of the equality and oneness of mankind.

You can Listen to the full track here:

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