MOZA Racing Launches Several New Sim Racing Products

Sim Racing hardware and software provider MOZA has launched a new line of virtual racing products guaranteed to improve user experience and give sim racers a more realistic feel. 

Perhaps the most amazingly distinctive features that sets the MOZA Racing product range far above regular industry players is its car concept design and complete ecosystem.

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Taking innovation a step further, the MOZA R16 & R21 Direct Drive Wheel Base eliminates the frustrating occurrence of race failures normally associated with direct drive simulators as a result of constant wheel rotations and twisting of wires. With its unique and patented invisible wireless technology that allows for contactless power supply and signal transmission, users can expect a seamless racing experience.

Whether on an actual track or via a virtual screen, torque is everything. And with the 16 N.m & 21 N.m Direct Drive Torque from an Industrial-grade Motor platform which lays down an ultra-wide torque range, the MOZA R16 and R21 Wheel Base accurately reproduces the dynamic steering characteristics of top racing cars from F1 to Indycar. It also boasts of excellent temperature performance, housing a control system that ensures torque output is neither reduced or attenuated due to motor overheating, by monitoring motor temperature in real-time.


The Direct Drive Wheel Base is inspired by supercars, has a 3d sculpted body, two-color automotive paint finish, and is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to enhance realism and give racers the right weight and feel. 

The motor design is optimized to ensure almost zero torque ripple and cogging torque, allowing the R16 and R21 to smoothly recreate a wide band of precision steering wheel feedback. The encoder has 262,144 points of resolution which gives it the exceptional ability to understand the position of the wheel and seamlessly reproduce the feeling of racing. 

Asides being a beautiful work of art made out of carefully selected Alcantara and a fire-grained Genuine Nappa Top Leather, the MOZA RS Steering wheel also provides that firm reliable grip for palms destined to get sweaty. It is best described as dream racing at your fingertips, especially for players who understand that comfort is just as important as force feedback. 


It also offers wheel and shift paddles made of forged carbon fiber from Hypercar design, gold-plated magnetic shift systems that deliver the fastest response and precision maneuverability, advanced programmable mechanical keyboard buttons, twenty embedded steel ball knobs, and customized racing-grade quick release.

More speed naturally translates into less room for error. And so cutting sharp corners and correctly navigating tricky bends require an efficient shift system as well as lightning responsive foot pedals. And that’s exactly what MOZA did with their CRP pedals which are a perfect fusion of architecture and art. The essence of Hypercar design was incorporated to produce stellar 3 floor-mounted organ pedals, each with a built-in MOZA pressure sensor capable of transmitting varying degrees of force detection – from the slightest heel and toe taps to those adrenalin infused quick hard slams on the brakes that make racing such an exciting experience.


The wide-range high-precision pressure sensors monitor and transmit brake force in real-time,  leading to more efficient in-play race actions, and also enable drivers to practice and improve muscle memory. Pedal travel can be adjusted to get the perfect driver fit and almost every part of the CRP2 comes fully dressed in CNC aluminum alloy, guaranteeing a unique texture and unrivaled durability

The new product range is a perfect fusion of Design and Power, offering a screen fully wrapped in an all-aluminum alloy frame, and an optional 5-inch 16.7 million colors 800×480 high definition racing instrument that displays more than ten key competition parameters including speed, gear, current lap, gap to the fastest lap, tire temperature, and many more.

Relying on an independent R&D platform to continuously integrate UI and game support, the MOZA RM High Definition Racing Meter features advantages like higher flexibility and panoramic view on a large-size full-color high definition screen. 


Armed with a 60HZ refresh rate, image ghosting and motion blur would be of no concern to anyone peering into the MOZA RM HDMI monitor. 

Although this newly launched product range is the first set of products ushering MOZA Racing into the highly competitive world of sim racing, the Company has however established itself not only as a top of the line competitor but also as a leader in the industry, offering users unique and exclusive features like detachable pedals which are more convenient to fix in the aluminum and the professional simulator bracket, and 63° to 83° adjustable pedals to accommodate various sitting positions.

The simulator packs an impressive Pit House Control Software that allows users to perform a whole range of functions like setting the maximum turning angle, steering wheel shift indicators, force feedback, instrument interface, and more. The basic settings help beginners quickly match the right hand feel, while the professional settings allow racers to bring out exclusive power feedback effects.

Additionally, an innovatively launched road sense equalizer system ensures users can adjust the steering wheel’s road sense feedback to taste, and also choose the right shift indicators as well as set color change timing preferences. 

It also offers users the freedom of virtually modifying various simulator settings and preferences directly from an App on their smartphones. Settings can be saved, and also imported onto new simulators with a single click.

Going for a spin round the tracks in a fully setup MOZA Racing cockpit promises to be an exciting and unforgettable experience for gamers who desire taking their craft to the next level. And you need not lose an arm or a leg to get yourself all set up as though these MOZA Racing simulator gears are undoubtedly high end equipment, the only thing medium about them are their prices.


Born for Sim-Racers, MOZA Racing is dedicated to designing and building the world’s best sim-racer focused hardware and software products that enable everyone to race at their very best. The full ecosystem includes direct drive force feedback steering wheels, aluminum alloy pedal assembly, digital dash, and MOZA Pit House Control software.

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