Monster & Bear celebrate the opening of new animation video production facility in Melbourne Australia

Monster & Bear celebrate the opening of new animation video production facility in Melbourne Australia

Melbourne based film and video production company Monster & Bear celebrate the opening of their animation studio
Monster & Bear, a leading film & video production company based in Melbourne, Australia have just added a new animation video production facility to further add to their ability to service Australia’s growing need for film, video and animated content.

Monster & Bear have just added 3D animation and 2D animation to their repertoire of substantial explainer videos and motion graphics works.

To celebrate their achievement, and considering Melbourne’s COVID post-lockdown the timing couldn’t be better, Monster & Bear have provided a cheeky video on the possibilities of their animation production process that can be viewed here:

Monster & Bear genuinely see so much potential in animated content as a way to set brands apart, no matter the budget. From simple 2D motion graphics to highly stylised character animation and 3D animation. Monster & Bear have built a brand at working hard to find a style that is unique and can align with any brand identity.

So what kinds of animation video production are there? How do they differ?

2D Animation Video Production

2D animation is an incredibly effective style of video that allows clear-cut storytelling but isn’t bound by the limitations of the real world. Displaying a brand’s story or product using a creative and visually stunning 2D animation is a creative and cost effective way to discuss concepts that would otherwise be very expensive to film using real-world footage.

3D Animation Video Production

3D animation video is the next step up in terms of visual quality and breathtaking visuals to take an audience’s breath away. 3D animation production is a little more time consuming but well worth the wait as audiences won’t be able to look away.

Explainer Videos

This style of video is often a shorter 2D animation to help explain a service or a product that a company may offer. They are brilliant for helping customers understand products quickly in a clever and fun way.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics focuses on the animation, movement or animated graphic design of specific elements such as text, logos and other objects used to highlight and enhance features of the story being told. Motion graphics can be an incredibly simple way to visually take content to the next level while also assisting in creating greater clarity in a brand’s message.

So why are animations and animation video productions so useful? According to Monster & Bear Director Sarah Hickey, “Simply put… there are no limits to what can be created when it comes to animation videos!”

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