Modern Day “Bob Hope” Lifts the Spirits of the Troops

Miami, FL – Ted Miller, National Recording Artist and Prolific Songwriter, uses his chart topping single “Made in America” to show his dedication to our brave men and women in uniform who selflessly defend and have defended our freedom in America.

“Made in America” praises our nation, heroes, veterans, soldiers and people from every walk of life and from everywhere around the world all joined together as one nation under God. It combines our ingenuity leading the world in space exploration, technology, and the internet giving a very special thank you to our selfless soldiers for leading the way.

Through his music, Ted has developed a rapport with our service men/women that resonates a harmonious relationship and understanding of each other’s feelings. The importance of being able to emotionally connect with the fan base and supporters can never be underestimated.

While being an extraordinary cosmopolitan lyricist, his accolades speak for themselves. From recording with the London Symphony to being honored by congress numerous times, Ted has used his music to stand up and support our great nation. His chart topping videos continue to rise and explode from the very moment they are uploaded.

He is a singer for all generations. The girls think he is hot, mothers think he’s sexy and grandmas adore him. The work he has put into supporting America speaks volumes and his dedication shows through each performance he completes. At a time when America is searching for success and feel good stories, Ted Miller has enough content to keep us talking for days!

About Ted Miller

Ted has been an active supporter of our military and veterans for many years and honored in the United States Congress eight times for his service and dedication for our military, and veterans.

He has collaborated with industry greats Dan Warner, Doug Emery and Lee Levin to create this exciting and invigorating new song and album in the works. “Made In America” is also the title of his album that was just recently released. As the album’s title song, it could be categorized as fusion of Lee Greenword’s “God Bless The U.S.A., Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The U.S.A.,” and Neil Diamond’s “Coming To America.”

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