Mobili Living Commences The Sale Of New Rain Shower Head Recommended For Modern Design Option With Varying Spray Patterns

Mobili Living Commences The Sale Of New Rain Shower Head Recommended For Modern Design Option With Varying Spray Patterns
Various Range Of GROHE Provided With The Fixed Type Of Shower head And Hand Shower head Choice Provides The Customized Shower Experience.

People of today’s generation desire to experience something extraordinary in their senses and even seeks variable options in terms of design that is integrated customized style statement in the section of bathroom sanctuary. The new collection of GROHE such as Euphoria Cube, tempest, and Retro-fit shower head that is provided with unmatched performance and the latest innovative technology for consumers to gain refined taste. 

Euphoria cube shower system has been introduced with complete and pure geometric that initiates the prefect shower environment and engineered to provide maximum comfort and required dependable safety measures. Moreover, the toilet bowl in Singapore of GROHE has created a sensation. The demand of GROHE‘s kitchen hood in Singapore Is displaying a surprising hike in the sale.

Euphoria Cube Shower System:

This is a highly geometric design that is continued for a longer-term trend that serves as inspiration for architects and contractors for designing modern bathrooms. Believing the concept of minimalism, the new Euphoria Cube Shower System is the complete venture of pure geometric form that is offered to the bathroom. It does not display the causal style of curves and cylindrical elements instead the shower system coordinate in a striking manner with the square rainshower with the fixed shower head and follows the algorithm of the GROHTHERM thermostat. This is the collection which is benefitted with the properties of rain shower and hand shower in one and is engineered with maximum comfort and dependability of safety. This is a new shower system that has been benefitted from the standard of modern bath design which is accommodated with the standard of modern bath design that claims to have the propounded edge, simple surface, and consistent parallel lines. The shower system is easily available at an affordable range to fit the user’s budget.

Tempesta Shower System:

This is the rain shower head in Singapore that can complement any type of bathroom ambiance and faucet style. This extreme state-of-art shower is engineered with care to withstand the severity of daily use which makes it the ideal choice for family use. It is the system with the exposed thermostat that has a safe stop option to prevent scalding. Besides this, the Aquadimmer volume control diverter is the easiest option to switch between overhead and hand showers. The presence of the adjuster to control the height makes it suitable for all sized users. This shower provides massage and jet spray as the flow of the water intensity gets easily fitted to anyone’s mood. It comes at an attractive price with the urban chic style for the modern and sophisticated bathrooms. To enhance the comfort, it is integrated with the brand featured GROHTHERM thermostat along with GROHE Turbostat that can easily reduce the risk of hot and cold shock that results in fluctuation of water pressure. This is the shower bestowed with sleek and minimal design to ensure the durable sheen and prevent it from protection such as scratches and stains. This is the best option to experience the first rated shower experience as per the need of the environment. The models are considered to be an eco-friendly option which helps in saving the water daily.

Retro-Fit Shower System:

When the zeal of bath and innovation arises in the mind, then mostly it is preferred to put a halt to the heavy construction. This system of the rain shower head in Singapore is considered as the upgraded version of the shower that can easily transform the current installed to the concealed pressure balance valve of a luxurious shower system without breaking the walls. This shower model is even available in brushed nickel finish to match the style and beauty at a premium price.

About Mobili Living:

Mobili living is the leading provider of bathroom fitting arrived from reputed brands and is dedicated to providing the water-saving innovative product. They are committed to offering the valued and reputed technology for rain shower head in Singapore. At Mobili Living, the expert is involved in doing their best to provide the high graded quality product at reasonable prices. The kitchen, lighting, and bathroom products opt to be the perfect blend of chic design, sheer quality, excellent performance, and exclusive pricing.

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