Military Radars Market to Reach $17.1 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 4.7%

Military Radars Market to Reach $17.1 Billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 4.7%
Military Radars Market
The Military Radars Market Size, Analysis, Trends, & Forecasts. The global market for Military Radars categorized by Technology, Dimension, Resolution, Projection, Application, and Region.

The Global Military Radars Market is poised for significant growth, with MarketsandMarkets forecasting its value to increase from $14.2 billion in 2023 to $17.1 billion by 2027, representing a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 4.7% during the forecast period. These insights are derived from the latest report by MarketsandMarkets, a leading market research and consulting firm.

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Military Radars Market

Key Segments in the Market:

Platform Type:

  • Land-Based
  • Naval-Based
  • Airborne
  • Space-Based

Frequency Band:

  • X-Band
  • S-Band
  • L-Band
  • C-Band
  • Ku-Band
  • Ka-Band
  • Others

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  • Antenna
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Duplexer
  • Display
  • Others



  • Surveillance & Reconnaissance
  • Weapon Guidance
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Navigation
  • Others

Growth Drivers:

Several factors are driving the growth of the global military radars market, including:

Modernization of Defense Systems: Increasing investments in defense modernization programs by governments worldwide are driving the demand for advanced radar systems. Modern military radars offer enhanced capabilities such as long-range detection, target tracking, and threat identification, thereby strengthening defense capabilities.

Rising Threats of Terrorism and Conflicts: The growing threats of terrorism, border disputes, and geopolitical tensions are driving the need for effective surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. Military radars play a crucial role in monitoring airspace, maritime domains, and land borders to detect and track potential threats, thereby bolstering national security.

Technological Advancements: Ongoing advancements in radar technologies, including Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR), and Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, are enhancing the performance and reliability of military radars. These advancements enable radars to operate in challenging environments and effectively detect low observable targets.

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Despite the positive growth outlook, the global military radars market faces certain challenges, including:

Budget Constraints: Limited defense budgets in certain countries may hinder the procurement of advanced radar systems, particularly in emerging economies. Budget constraints may lead to delays in defense modernization programs and impact market growth.

Interoperability Issues: Integrating diverse radar systems across different military platforms and networks to achieve interoperability remains a challenge for defense forces. Ensuring seamless communication and data sharing among radars and other defense systems requires sophisticated integration solutions.


The market presents several opportunities for growth, including:

Focus on Multi-Function Radars: The increasing focus on multi-function radars capable of performing multiple tasks simultaneously, such as surveillance, tracking, and weapon guidance, presents opportunities for radar manufacturers. Multi-function radars offer enhanced versatility and operational efficiency, driving their adoption in defense applications.

Investments in Counter-UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Technologies: The rising threat posed by unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and drones has spurred investments in counter-UAS technologies, including radar-based detection and tracking systems. Radar manufacturers are developing specialized radars to detect and neutralize hostile drones, presenting growth opportunities in the military radars market.

Key Players:

Key Players operating in the Global Military Radars Market include:

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Raytheon Technologies Corporation
  • Thales Group
  • Leonardo S.p.A.
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

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