Michele Badie is Helping U.S. Professionals Improve Productivity and Achieve Career Success Through the “Keep Your S.T.R.I.D.E” Principle

At her first mental health awareness workshop, Michele Badie introduced the “Keep Your S.T.R.I.D.E” principle as a tool to help professionals overcome the challenges on their professional development path and improve their productivity

Michele Badie, a professional development advocate, creative, and author who works as a project manager, believes that professionals in the United States will be more successful and productive if they become aware of their mental health and take steps to understand and manage it. To assist professionals in understanding their mental health, how it affects them, and the steps they can take to control it, Michele Badie held a workshop in August with licensed mental health counselor Natasha D’Arcangelo as the guest speaker. During the workshop, Color To Connect, Michele shared the meaning of the platform’s mission, Keep Your S.T.R.I.D.E, that encourages professionals to make the most out of their career by taking command of their mental health.

The Color To Connect workshop is designed to help professionals in various industries at different stages of their careers. Michele Badie believes that mental wellness impacts how professionals show up in the workplace and curated the Color To Connect workshop to spark mental wellness activities on an ongoing basis with a conversation led by Natasha D’Arcangelo.

“Color To Connect was a community-building event,” commented Natasha D’Arcangelo. “Attendees entered the room as strangers, and through the process of coloring, people could open up and share their own mental health journeys so that when we left the room, attendees felt like friends. It’s a reminder that Mental Health Awareness is year-round and when we take the time to slow down and be present, through activities like coloring, we can engage with our own healing.”

At the workshop, attendees were given a custom coloring sheet created for the workshop, a reusable coffee/tea tumbler to enjoy their favorite warm beverage and help them relax, and a custom, hand decorated sugar cookie as a reminder for them to take time to enjoy the sweet moments of their day. Natasha D’Arcangelo introduced attendees to her therapy dog, Celeste and shared mental wellness resources and insight in her presentation. The information she provided helped attendees connect with tools and thoughts to help them nurture their mental wellness going forward.

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop,” said Alondra DeGroat, AVP, Human Resource Professional. “It was a really great way to bring people together and help de-stigmatize mental health in an inviting and memorable way. The workshop was very informational and inspiring. It was a safe space to share without judgment.”

The Keep Your S.T.R.I.D.E principle was discussed by Rynette Upson-Bush, a Women Empowerment Coach and Speaker during the workshop. Michele created the Keep Your S.T.R.I.D.E acronym that means:

●      Know Your Stats

●      Be Teachable

●      Do Your Research

●      Be Intentional

●      Embrace Development, and

●      Engage with Your Goals and Others

Michele Badie appreciates the sponsors of the August 2022 Color To Connect workshop in Central Florida, which includes NK Webb Group, a Baltimore, Maryland-based Professional Development and Human Resources Consulting company; Dream It. Plan It. Create It., LLC a Charlotte, North Carolina-based Etsy shop specializing in creating personalized, quality products, and Maria Olivia Inspires, a Central Florida based performing arts company. Michele is calling on well-meaning individuals and organizations to support the movement for mental health awareness among employees and professionals in the United States.

About Michele Badie, PMP, CSM

Michele Badie is the Creator of the Color to Connect Workshop and Keep Your Stride initiative. She is currently immersed in helping professionals grow into their professional best. By day she is a Project Manager, and by night she is a Creative. She is the Host of the Career Tipper® podcast. Michele is the Founder of Skills Recharged®, which offers professional development resources and creates wellness initiatives through her platform Keep Your Stride™. She is the author of Confidently You: 21-Day Action Plan and Keep Your Stride Adult Coloring Book.

For more information, please visit https://www.keepyourstride.com/

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