MetaMercs Will Launch Its NFT Collection in A Pre-Sale This Month

MetaMercs is glad to announce the launch of a collection of NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain on November 7, 2021. The website will feature NFTs with 3D designs created by digital artist Michael Maag under the name Peng1. This NFTA was made in collaboration with Bionic Labs and Axeom Tech.

“MetaMercs are a collection of 4,222 unique mercenaries. The 3d MetaMercs are generated from over 600 elements. These traits combine algorithmically to give them strength, armor, health, special abilities, and equipment ratings. These hired guns are shredding their way through the Badlands of the Metaverse and will be available for hire on November 7, 2021”, says a spokesperson for MetaMercs.

MetaMercs has found fame as a gaming NFT with its much-awaited launch on the Ethereum Blockchain this month. Altogether there will be a total of 4222 NFTs up for sale. The non-fungible tokens will be avatars for the future games on based around the NFTs and MetaVerse.

Once the minting of all 4,222 MetaMercs is completed, the company will be choosing one owner at random to give them 10 ETH valued at around $43,000 according to the present-day market price. The company will launch the first game by the end of November and a second at the end of December.

The MetaMercs is the brainchild of art collector and digital artist Michael Maag, a.k.a. Peng1 in the NFT world. He is an active creator on various NFT platforms (see Linktr: ee/peng1). This project is made possible through partnering with Bionic Labs Inc. and Axeom Tech.

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