Medway Live in caregivers are providing round the clock care to seniors in Toronto

Medway Healthcare Provides Comprehensive Care for Seniors

Senior care homes are a dime a dozen. It is not a new idea to let skilled professionals take care of the elderly in a way that family is unable to. This means that someone who has worked to live in a nice home is uprooted and put into a facility of strangers to receive round the clock care. That no longer has to be the reality for senior citizens living in Toronto. A live-in caregiver can come to you and provide you with comprehensive care like you would receive in a senior living facility, but you would get to live in the home you hold so dear.

There are many reasons people of all ages may need in-home care. The most frightening is when a family member has a medical need and no one within the family is able to help. In the middle of the night, there may not be time to wait for medical help or maybe even no one to make the call. That is where in-home care comes in.

Medway Healthcare ( saw the need for a better way of taking care of seniors and have come to the call. Live in Caregivers Who Maintain outside Residence is a fully comprehensive program. A customer is assigned two or more caregivers based on need. With a workload divided into day and night shift, care will remain continuous with trusted providers, but the staff has a chance to step back and take a breather.

With the Live in Caregivers Who Stay in Your Home program, you will have a dedicated professional residing with you that mainly works at night as well as a senior companion during the day. You get to interview and choose your in-home provider, Medway does the background vetting for you so all you have to focus on is whether you feel like it is a good fit for you. If you feel that you would not be comfortable, Medway will send another candidate. Until you choose one and are satisfied the job is not done.

The candidates put before you have a range of skills and you will have an entrance interview to determine what type of professional assistance you may need. Your care coordinator will be available for questions from designated family members when needed or if requested. Your comfort is the primary goal.

About Medway Healthcare

Medway Healthcare takes senior care to the next level by treating the whole person. These professionals have backgrounds in many different disciplines and treat patients with the dignity and respect seniors and elders deserve. By making the search less labor intensive families can focus on finding someone who fits their needs within a budget. Because having a professional come to you is financially intimidating, the prices are clearly stated so that no time is lost due to a budgetary miscommunication.

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