Matthew Cahill talks Hypnotherapy Research

Matthew Cahill continues his discussion on measuring outcomes with the CORP Research programme.

The programme can also be used for phobias and smoking. It is constantly evolving as the team behind its development tweaks it here and there to keep up with modern technology – and also to acknowledge the feedback from practitioners.

“It is unique,” says Matthew, “as it is so very easy to use. The measuring tool has been based solely with the client in mind so it means they are engaged with the process themselves and it is not seen as a cold, clinical tool for outcome research.”

“Client feedback has been good with many saying it is pleasing to the eye and that it is good for them to be able to chart their progress.”

“The client can see the graph alter which is very beneficial for their wellbeing. I worked with one GP who was positively surprised that I measure outcomes and it is very easy to implement it into the consulting rooms.”

“It is a very efficient way to record information and you gain tenfold from the recording of data and the results it provides.”

“We will shortly be in a position whereby we can predict outcomes from Solution Focused Hypnotherapy which will be an amazing thing to do. So, we can show the client where they are and where we think they will be, within a set length of time, as it shows what everyone on the country is achieving.”

“This is real people, with real lives, in the real world, working to a real timeframe. Everyone follows the same format, the same language perimeters and patterns which mean we can show the results based on those sets of controls.”

“The ultimate aim is to create a better practitioner who is justifying their professionalism and to give Solution Focused Hypnotherapy a voice via research.”

“If we look at the success of other therapies then the only reason why they became widely used, and so gained popularity, is because of the research time they have had. So, we need to accumulate research and outcomes to be more professional and more robust in our presentation of results.”

Matthew believes CORP provides us all with an opportunity to be able to show how recording our work is a serious part of our business practice

“It allows you to evidence your work. Take it on as a personal and professional task so you can say that you have worked with 70 people with stress and here are the results. It is a sophisticated tool to use.”

The seven key areas which the team developed during the course of establishing the programmes format were largely centred on David Newton’s work.

It is something which Matthew is grateful to be able to include in the programme as David’s experience spans many decades.

The programme’s development has been vast as it has seen input not just from David but from a number of researchers, web designers and experts from the University of St Mark and St John who ensured it would provide academically robust results.

Matthew is also grateful to the original team of practitioners who were involved in CORP since its inception. He is proud to have worked with the “trail blazing” pioneers of CORP whose input has helped its continued success:

To become involved in CORP is easy! You can visit

Alternatively, you can head into the practitioners’ area of the CPHT website and purchase it at the discounted rate of £36 a year (which works out at only £3 a month). The programme can be downloaded from research area of CPHT.

There are also instructional videos on-line to show how it works and your supervisor should also be able to provide further details during your meetings with them.

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