Mark Spinicelli Launches Video Trailer for Catching A Miracle

Mark Spinicelli is here to inspire the world with the launch of a NEW video trailer for his trilogy, Catching A Miracle. The trilogy is available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes and you may find more information on the website.

Catching a Miracle is an inspirational and uplifting novel about the human spirit’s will to find answers to the most unanswerable questions. Spinicelli works his wonders as he takes his readers into the thrilling life of Dr. Shelly White who takes it as her mission to find the cure for cancer on her own terms.

The new video trailer shows Dr. Shelly White’s journey as she strives to identify a cure for cancer amidst a corporate-driven world where the focus is on the treatment of symptoms. After she miraculously survived her terminal cancer diagnosis during her childhood, Dr. White had the conviction of finding a cure. She worked with Dr. Nicholas Harris, an advertising executive, and started private fundraising to find the much-needed cure. However, Dr. White soon discovered that relentless political obstacles are always there to block her efforts.

The first book in the trilogy, Catching A Miracle is a heart-warming, action-packed and suspense-filled story. For those who are wondering about the availability of the book, the trilogy Catching A Miracle is available in 3 versions: eBook, Paperback, and the Audiobook. All versions can be found on Amazon.

Mark Spinicelli is known as the creative force behind Spinicelli Holding Company, an American audio-visual corporation. He is also the man behind Spinicelli Foundation that is located in his hometown, which is in Orlando, Florida. The Spinicelli Foundation supports The Scouts and Hospice centers continuously in the area of Central Florida. Its support encourages young boys and girls. It also gives dignity and respect to those who are ending their life journey.

The author’s career spans more than 4 decades in the world of entertainment. He earned the title of Honorary Imagineer from Walt Disney Company for 3 more decades of contracting service. Currently, the author of the trilogy Catching A Miracle holds a Ph.D. in common sense. This inspired him to write the series, which will give encouragement and inspiration to many readers around the world.

To know more about Mark Spinicelli’s Catching A Miracle, watch the video trailer at

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