Marilyn Lebowitz Teaches Hope and Resolution in Her New Book, “Jesus, The Rabbi from Nazareth”

Marilyn Lebowitz Teaches Hope and Resolution in Her New Book, "Jesus, The Rabbi from Nazareth"

Christian author Marilyn Lebowitz is teaching the importance of hope and resolution as it relates to the challenging time the world is currently in. Available on Amazon, ‘Jesus, The Rabbi from Nazareth,’ presents a series of conversations between a young Jewish girl named Becky and Jesus of Nazareth. These conversations provide an intriguing format for a deep dive into the answer to the question Jesus posed to the Apostle Peter when He asked him, “Who do you say that I am?”

Created with a story around Becky, being Jewish and accepting Jesus, Marilyn explains that the things that matter to Christians in the journey of life should be the things that matter to God. The story, just like life, comes with many twists, turns and surprises that in the end were necessary for young Becky to understand. The plot of the book is set in New York where young Becky lives with her family in Brooklyn. The course of her life is utterly interrupted when Jesus appears to her in a dream and gives her the opportunity to ask him many questions about Himself, faith and the meaning of life. Her Jewish family, especially her grandmother, very strongly objects to her interest in Jesus. But after her encounter and a series of conversations with Jesus, she accepts him.

The author, Marilyn Lebowitz, reveals to her readers as the book progresses that Becky’s decision to accept Jesus did not sit well with her Jewish family. The storyline, however, develops in her belief that God wanted her to share her newfound faith in Israel. This led her to embark on a journey to Israel where she encounters a major challenge to her faith which poses a huge temptation to her faith to give up.

Marilyn in her book paints Becky as a daring teenager who in spite of many obstacles and strong objections of her family was resolute in her determination to find out what Jesus meant when he said, “I am the way and the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father, except through me.” Commenting on the impact of the book, Marilyn says, ‘‘I believe this book offers hope “for such a time as this” – a time when we are facing unprecedented challenges such as the global pandemic, racial and political tensions, violence in the streets and recurring mass shootings.  These events should give us all pause and think about what really matters in life.  When all is said and done, all that matters will be what matters to God!’’

About the author

Marilyn earned her bachelor of arts degree from Brooklyn College. Prior to her serving in ministry, she worked for many years in the entertainment industry as an assistant to talent and literary agents, as well as theatrical and movie producers. Marilyn has a vision to set up a healing center of hope someday called “Sheltering Arms” where women who are living with emotional and physical realities like domestic violence, abuse, addictions, grief, etc., can be welcomed, delivered, and set free.

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