Mamo Power Solution Diesel Power Supply For Hotel Project Diesel Generator Set In Summer

Mamo Power Diesel Generator are all with stable performance and low noise design is equipped with intelligent control system with AMF function.

For example:

As the hotel backup power supply, Mamo Power diesel generator set is connected in parallel with the main power supply. 4 synchronizing diesel generator sets, equipped with 1250kw Cummins diesel engine, 50hz 400V/11kv Leroy Somer alternator, DSE8610/8660 control panel.

Through the connection with the ATS, it can be ensured that the power supply must be provided immediately when the main power supply is turned off, with stable, low noise and diesel engine power in line with European and American emission standards. Diesel Gen-set with AMF function and ATS equipment, can meet the special requirements of the hotel. Through RS232 or RS485/422 communication interface, computers can be connected to each other for remote monitoring to realize remote control, remote communication and telemetry, thereby realizing automatic unattended operation.

The advantage of Mamo Power Diesel Generator Set:

• Mamo Power provides a full range of products and procedures, which reduces the user’s requirements for product technology, thereby making the use and maintenance of the unit easier.

• The control system has AMF function, can be automatically started, and has multiple monitoring functions under automatic shutdown and alarm functions.

• You can choose ATS, and small units can choose the built-in ATS.

• For ultra-low noise power generation, its unit noise level,  below 30KVA is below 60dB (A) @ 7 meters.

• Stable performance, the average interval between failures of the unit is not less than 1000 hours.

• The device is small in size and can be equipped with some equipment to meet the requirements of cold and high temperature areas.

• For bulk order, custom design and development can be provided.

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