Loyal LLP announces its’ line of eco-friendly insect and mosquito killer products, under its’ brand “iZAP”

Customers can select from a wide array of products, which consists of Electronic Mosquito Traps, Repellent Patches and Sprays

Loyal LLP announced their line of eco-friendly devices for protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects. The iZap products make use of efficient ultraviolet technology and specially treated BLB tubes that release invisible UVA light that attract and terminate blood-sucking mosquitoes. The company distributes mosquito traps suitable for homes, offices, industries as well as restaurants. Apart from the electronic insect killers, Loyal LLP also distributes mosquito repellent patches and sprays, which contain citronella oil and other natural oils.

Check out their products on the official website at http://izap.sg

“Our devices are eco-friendly, ensuring that users are not exposed to life-threatening and harmful chemicals. We have a technologically advanced collection of products that effectively work to ensure that your home, offices and other places are free from mosquitoes. With our products, you and your family will feel protected,” said Shalini Shroff, CEO.

The iZap list of featured products includes the Artila, an indoor and outdoor zapper that zaps insects and then kills them without any electric buzzing. There is also the Tera indoor mosquito trap with UV light technology that comes with fire-resistant construction and has low power consumption. Volta is a UVA LED lamp that doubles up as a night lamp, while the Fortra and Fortra 2 are mainly for office and industrial use, providing a wider coverage area. The Company also offers the sticky board fly traps, useful in restaurants and kitchens for eradicating food flies without causing any food contamination.

There is also the mosquito repellent patch that is placed onto clothing to repel insects and to prevent poisonous bites, and the mosquito repellent spray with essential oils, which keep insects at bay. The iZap repellents are DEET free, contain no chemicals, lasts for up to 12 hours, certified safe and do not need any skin contact.

“These lights work like magic. I bought the Tera insect trap for my home, and since then, I have not heard any mosquitoes buzzing. They are highly efficient and very portable. I can move them from one place to another, as they continue with their mosquito-killing mission. I am planning to buy one as a gift for my cousin,” said Angela T, a customer.

About Loyal LLP

Loyal LLP designs, imports and distributes mosquito killer products to improve the lifestyle of people. With their “Safety First” motto, they endeavor to make “iZAP” a household name.

For more information, please contact 65 6344 4242, www.izap.sg

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