LoveFunArt Offers Expert Guidance and Support for Art School Admission with Portfolio Preparation Class

LoveFunArt announces their innovative portfolio preparation class. Serving all disciplines with an eye for the successful future of their students.

The school founders believe everyone is an artist. Regardless of where you are on your art journey, they’ll work with you. 

A spokesperson for LoveFunART explained: “We believe everyone has an inner artist waiting to be expressed. But, we also understand there are standards that the best art schools and Universities accept. In the portfolio preparation class, we focus on sharpening the skills needed to prepare the student for the real world.”

“Understand that at LoveFunArt, we value balance. Meaning, we’ll never restrict how the student creates their art. We want them to be comfortable channeling their art through their spirit and staying authentic to themselves. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to get accepted to a top-rated school and, all the while, express your art how is intrinsically you!”

What they had to say about their portfolio success “The way we accomplish portfolio success is by teaching the important skills you need for portfolio acceptance. It’s not like other colleges where you take all kinds of unnecessary and unrelated classes. We have a focused curriculum. The best part about it is the student can work with a mentor and choose the courses that best fit their needs.”

They also added some little-known information about the school’s unique culture. “We host a diverse array of students. They range in age from high school to adult. Though we have a great portfolio acceptance program, anyone with any goal or no goal at all can come here. Students can mix with people from all over the world and the Canada.” 

They also spoke about the importance of events: “We feel it’s good to have events where students can get out into the community. We host outdoor events all the time and we encourage students to attend them as much as possible. In relation to building a portfolio, we feel they must build a strong presentation. Mixing with potential clients makes the student look more serious about their career and institutions like that,” 

“Another outstanding element of our program is that we can build a portfolio with you, containing everything you need in a short period. So, be prepared for fast-paced learning. The next thing that’s different from other portfolio programs is the focus on love and positivity. There are great programs out there that are memorable in their lives. We make it a part of our culture to focus on love and positivity. We know the profound effect this attitude has on students and their results, both here and after they’ve gone on with their careers.”

About LoveFunArt

LoveFunArt is a unique art school in Toronto that’s built to cater to all ages and levels of talent. They’re in Toronto, Canada and offer classes on campus and select course online. They offer a full-service portfolio development and mentorship program.

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