Love Out Loud with Natalee: Natalee Clarke-Richards dedicates herself to assisting women become the best versions of themselves

March 10, 2020 – Natalee Clarke-Richards, a purpose-driven author, personal development coach, speaker and the founder of Love Out Loud, LLC., proudly announces the launch of her book and her professional coaching platform, both titled “Love Out Loud with Natalee.” Available on Love out Loud provides women with valuable resources, tools, and validated strategies to propel them on the right path to feeling energetic, fulfilled and gratified.

“The idea started in 2015 when I took action on shifting how I was showing up in my life. I was frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed. I knew I had more to offer in life, to my family, friends and community. I did a personal development training where I had to look inward, and make a mindset shift, and take action on the life I wanted to create. The strategies, tools and principles that I used to create a 180-degree shift in my life can be found here. No matter what space you are in now, I know you’ll be able to relate and you will feel at home,” says Natalee Clarke-Richards

Love Out Loud with Natalee is committed to supporting everyone to take action by self-evaluating, setting positive intentions that bring results, and all it takes to become a better version. Natalee explains how she embarked on over a decade’s journey of self-love, self-care, empowerment, and weight loss. She lost 55 pounds in one year, and she’s maintaining a healthy weight through a healthy eating lifestyle and exercising. She is excited to share her journey, strategies and results with everyone.

About Natalee Clarke-Richards

Natalee brings over 20 years’ involvement in the legal and banking industries. She holds a degree in HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION and a Master’s of Business Administration. Her love for serving people combined with her purpose helps her achieve incredible results as she has had the opportunity to speak with students about making career choices and also serve as a panel moderator at women’s conference for health and wellness. Natalee is delighted to see women succeed in health and wellness and break out of the chains of unfulfillment.

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