Local Music School Launches Free Online Classes For Its Students

Bellmore, New York – During this very difficult time, many music schools have stopped offering music lessons. Guitar Center suspended it’s music lesson program nationwide.

About two weeks ago, the New York Musician’s Center took all of its students online for private lessons. But the school wanted to offer more to its students so it launched an online music program with free classes/lessons for its students called “Cabin Fever Busters”.

How does it work?

For any student at the school taking weekly online lessons, they also get access to the Cabin Fever Buster group.

In that group, there is daily online programming, all for free including:

     • Ukulele classes
     • Trivia tournaments
     • Young children music classes
     • Guitar lessons
     • Drum lessons
     • Violin lessons
     • Garage Band classes
     • Virtual choir (vocalists record their parts and the school edits them into one large video layering the audio).
     • Pro Tools classes
     • Rock band ’name that tune’ tournaments
     • Fiddle classes
     • Ear training
     • Piano classes
     • Rock band jams

And the list goes on as we’re still adding courses.

The cost for our students? All free.

How much free education resources are they getting? Almost 40 hours per month.

This is a great way for students to break ‘Cabin Fever’, try new instruments, expand their music abilities, and the parents have been having a blast as well.

It also gives parents back much needed time as they have to adjust to having a house full of children who are ready to have their energy channeled in a positive and educational way.

The New York Musician’s Center has also taken this to the next level by partnering with over 50 music schools in the US and Canada to be part of the group and add content to the group.

If any reporter reading this would like a demo of how our online lessons work or access to some of the Cabin Fever Busters courses, we’d love to show you how it works and we have plenty of parents and students who would be willing to be interviewed for a story.

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