Live Free Recovery Services Offers Detox Covered by Medicaid

Live Free Recovery Services Offers Detox Covered by Medicaid
Live Free Recovery Services, one of the only New Hampshire clinics that accept Medicaid, has announced that they will be offering drug and alcohol detox.

Manchester, New Hampshire – June 26, 2023 – Live Free Recovery Services, a popular recovery clinic with locations throughout the U.S., has announced that they are expanding to offer drug and alcohol detox in New Hampshire. Since they are one of the only clinics in the state that accepts Medicaid, this expansion will provide valuable assistance to New Hampshire residents with financial difficulties.

Live Free Recovery Services is a wellness and healthcare clinic based in Manchester, New Hampshire. Founded by recovery advocate, Ryan Gagne, the organization originally started as a sober living home. Over the years, Live Free Recovery Services has also begun offering clients other sobriety and mental wellness services. They offer inpatient and outpatient rehab along with sober living programs and halfway houses. Clients at Live Free Recovery Services can take part in cognitive behavioral therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and other care designed to help with substance abuse disorders.

The new drug and alcohol detox program is designed to help patients deal with the mental and physical effects of stopping substance abuse. Due to the way most addictive substances work, people become physically ill or experience mental health crises when they suddenly stop taking the substance. Live Free Recovery Services will now be able to offer a safe place for clients dealing with withdrawal.

The program includes monitoring from medical professionals and healthcare for issues like seizures and vomiting. It also provides intensive psychiatric care for the extreme depression, anxiety, and other challenges patients face during withdrawal. By offering professional drug and alcohol detox, Live Free Recovery Services can help support and protect patients who are taking the first big step toward sobriety.

Offering detox means that Live Free Recovery Services can now provide patients with the same excellent care for every step of their journey. This full-service recovery organization can help patients stay safe during withdrawal, provide therapy and treatment to help them stay sober, and offer them a safe place to live after leaving rehab.

In addition to all their high-quality rehab services, Live Free Recovery Services also stands out from other clinics due to their welcoming attitude towards underprivileged clients. They are one of the only addiction treatment centers within New Hampshire that accept Medicaid. This Medicaid-approved detox ensures that the most vulnerable portion of the population still has access to effective, compassionate substance abuse care.

Since New Hampshire Medicaid covers anyone with a disability, anyone with a diagnosed substance abuse disorder is able to get care from Live Free Recovery Services. Instead of having to choose between staying safe and paying for food and housing, people can rely on Medicaid to cover the cost of their detox care at Live Free Recovery Services. All patients, whether covered by Medicaid or other insurance, get the same level of care at Live Free Recovery Services. They provide thoughtful, caring assistance during what is one of the hardest times in a patient’s life.

The new drug and alcohol detox program will stay true to the company’s commitment to patient well-being. As founder Ryan Gagne explains, “You shouldn’t have to suffer while getting well in recovery from addiction.” The detox programs are situated in beautiful, natural settings with relaxing, pleasant facilities. Patients’ comfort, happiness, and satisfaction are always a priority.

Live Free Recovery Services has multiple rehab and detox clinics located in Manchester and Keene. They offer specialized care for men, women, and teens, and they treat many types of addiction including alcohol, heroin, cocaine, opioid, and meth addiction.

For those interested in overcoming substance abuse, the rehab center can be reached through their website at They can also be contacted for admissions by calling (888) 610-2847 or emailing

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