LitONES Announces the Launch of Its Innovative Desk Light

LitONES desk light is a really well-made desk lamp. It’s definitely a quality product with a premium feel. It’s well built, good functions, provides a high quality nonflickering light that is very useful for many tasks, hobbies, reading and for use with Zoom or streaming online. Depending on your needs, there may be less expensive options, but for those who want a quality LED desk light with some higher-end styling, this light might be for you.


I like that it serves as both a light for video calls and also as a standard desk lamp. One less thing on my desk. Tilted down like this, it illuminates my keyboard and workspace very well. Tilted up slightly, it becomes a video “ring” light.

This great, modern LED desk light features a flexible swing arm that allows you to position the light pretty much anywhere you need it. The arm material is a really sturdy aluminum and holds in place nicely. You can easily clamp it to the edge of your desk with its padded clamp, and it stays put. When you use it as a workbench light,it is a great lamp for tiny detail work at your desk, like drafting/leather work or taking things apart and/or taking photos of them. I often repair computer stuff and various household gadgets, so this light is perfect for that.

The lamp’s headline feature is that it produces bright, diffuse light, which means light is evenly emitted from the panel’s entire surface instead of coming from a point source. Diffuse light helps reduce glare and shadows, reducing eye strain and fatigue while improving comfort. It can also provide more even lighting, reducing shadows and bright spots, which is beneficial for video calls, product photography, etc. For that reason, I would definitely recommend this for anyone who does a lot of streaming, content creation or just has a lot of online meetings.The lamp also has a high CRI rating (>95), meaning color rendition should be excellent.

The lamp has “soft touch” controls, so no physical buttons. You adjust the brightness using the “+” and “-” controls. It does a nice brightness ramp up and down when long pressing the button. There’s a total of 10 brightness settings. It’s easy to adjust brightness and color tone, and it remembers your last choices when you turn it on. For glasses wearers, it doesn’t have nearly as bad of glare as ring lights. A nice feature is the power button is illuminated while it’s off so you can see it in the dark. It also has an auto shutoff feature that will turn the lamp off after either 30 or 60 minutes (selectable). In terms of installation, the LitONES lamp uses a clamp that opens up to ~2.25 inches.

LitONES edge desk light is practical, versatile, and suitable for WFH and product photography needs. Highly recommended!

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LitONES is a trailblazing company, offering innovative workspace solutions designed to foster productivity and ease of use. With an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, LitONES continually aims to develop products that encapsulate the latest technology and design trends, delivering exceptional value to its customers.

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