Life Launch Centers Helps Parents Form Deeper Connections With Their Kids Through Parenting Webinar Sessions

The Resilient You webinar features 1 to 5-hour long lessons, delivered by licensed counselors, containing mental health solutions for today’s toughest parenting questions

Life Launch Centers is delighted to announce that parents seeking to form deeper connections with their children, can turn to its Resilient You webinar to get tips and advice from professional licensed counselors.

The Resilient You parenting webinars contain lessons that deliver mental health solutions for many of today’s toughest parenting questions. 

Life Launch Centers insists that applying the lessons will bring peace, confidence, and hope back into parenting, and also help parents build closer relationships with their children.

The first lesson, which seeks to help build stronger families with the resilience model, was put together by Ben Harris, LSUDC and founder of Life Launch Centers, and explains exactly how the resilience model can dramatically improve a family’s relationship dynamics.

Following strongly is lesson number 2, which features the marriage and family therapist, Thurmon Thomas, delivering insights and real-life examples of things parents can do to help their kids get through anxious and depressing times.

Eric Bylund, CMHC, leads lesson number 3 with a peculiar insight into the positive and negative effects of technology on the lives of children. And in addition, highlights some real-life examples and foundational principles parents can establish to help keep their families safe.

Lesson number 4 delves into the deeply uncomfortable and unsettling topic of suicide. Here, the experienced Paula Frehner exposes warning signs to look out for and also offers advice on actions to take in helping someone in crisis.

And finally, Ben Harris returns in lesson number 5 to explain what enabling is and why parents consciously or unconsciously allow it, as well as effective actions to tackle the problem.

The webinars can be accessed from all kinds of devices, whether on the Android, Windows, or iOS platforms.

Parents and guardians are advised to visit the website and get started on the Resilient You parenting webinars or reach out to Life Launch Centers via the contact info below:

Resilent You – Parenting Webinars

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